Monday, May 6, 2013

How To Show Up Like No One Else

What do Euro-academics know about marketing that you don't?

According to The Wall Street Journal, researchers in Belgium wanted to see if distinctive recruiting tactics could attract IT talent. So they ran an experiment.

With a pool of 1,997 prospects, half were solicited by email. The other half got postcards with the same design and information. The response rate was 3% -- 62 people applied for the job. But here’s the kicker: 82% of responses -- 51 people -- were postcard recipients, and they were better educated than other applicants (The Allure of Headgames; May 3, 2013).

The lesson?

As my mentor Dan Kennedy said, “Show up like no one else.”

You would expect recruiters to send email to find applicants for an IT job. You would expect a pitiful response. And you would be right.

Instead, by showing up like no one else -- a humble postcard -- a response of 5.1% was achieved (51 replies from 998 postcards, if you do the math). That’s a darn good response rate (2-3% is good).

Although, more important than response rate is return on investment. Did the postcard produce an ideal new employee at the right price? That's not covered in the article.

In any case, the tactic of showing up like no one else is one you can take to the bank.

When your competitors show up by email or Facebook, you can show up by postcard, for example.

If your competitors show up by #10 business envelope, you can show up by FedEx, for example.

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