Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How to Get One More Hour of Productive Time Every Day -- Guaranteed

What would it mean to you to gain an extra hour of productive time every day?

 -- that's 5 hours a week, 250 hours a year?

That's equal to more than 30 full 8-hour working days a year, by the way.

Forget adding an extra day during leap year ...

... this is like adding an extra month to the calendar every year!

Could you use some of that extra time to build your business?

I think you could.
Well, here's what this is about: It's a little mind game I call the Daily Time Expander.

And if you play along with me for one week and don't get back at least one extra hour of productive each day, I'll write a check for $100 to your favorite charity.

Do I have your attention? Good.

Here's what to do: Grab your smart phone. Look at the bottom of the home screen. See the  email icon there? Move it!

Where to? Someplace where you won't see it -- and that little red number telling you how many emails you have to read -- every time you pick up your phone.

I moved my email icon 4 screens deep on my phone and then I buried it in a little folder, called Games.

As a result, I cannot be distracted by email when I look at my phone. I have to go hunting for it. And this is the simple secret that can save you an hour of productive time every day: Never let yourself get sucked into email when you pick up your cell phone.

And when you do the math, avoiding email like this can easily save you one hour a day.

One reason? Emails are like mice or cockroaches: There’s never just one. And once you start composing replies to emails, setting reminders to reply to the replies, visiting stray web sites -- 5, 10, or 15 times a day -- that always burns at least an hour a day of valuable time.

Now. This idea is more than interesting. This is potentially life changing for you. So I want to make sure you try it.

That's why I'm making you this very public challenge: Move the email icon off the home screen of your smart phone and keep it that way for 5 working days in a row. If you don't save at least 5 hours of time you otherwise would have wasted getting sucked into email, I will donate $100 to the charity of your choice.

Just send me a short note by mail. Include your contact info and the name of your charity. I will make the donation and email you the receipt to prove it. Here's my mailing address:

Kevin Donlin
Guaranteed Marketing
7455 France Ave. S., #263
Edina, MN 55435

This is a very public challenge. There's no hiding for me. And I hope you put this idea to the test.

By the way, The Daily Time Expander is the first of 11 marketing tools you can get for free, if you hurry, at

What does time have to do with marketing? Everything.

Because, as Dr. Bernie Siegel once said, time isn't money -- time is everything.

Your time and your marketing are inextricably linked. If you can't manage your time, you can't market your business. So the first thing I want to do is free up at least 5 more hours each week for you to get more new clients. And that's what The Daily Time Expander does for you.

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Do What THEY Love And The Money Will Follow

You've heard it said, "Do what you love and the money will follow."

But here's another version that may be more profitable for your business: "Do what THEY love and the money will follow."

It's true.

If your clients love it and they want it, you should deliver it. IF it's within reason, legal, ethical, and won't drive you crazy.

Case in point: This video.

I'm a writer. I'm not a TV personality or an extrovert. I hate making videos.

I’d rather have my teeth drilled at the fifty yard line of the Superbowl, by a dental hygienist who looks like Ernest Borgnine and is wearing boxing gloves, than make a video.

But my clients -- the people who put a roof over my head and a clean shirt on my back -- LOVE watching videos.

So, because it's within reason, legal, ethical, and won't drive me (too) crazy, I've learned to love making videos.

And, by the way, after making more videos than ever last year ... I had my best year in business. Recession and collectivist politicians be damned. Video ain't so bad.

Moral: Find out what your clients love. Give it to them. Even if, at first, you hate it. Because you may learn to love it.

And this is important: All growth comes beyond your comfort zone. Growth is, by definition, uncomfortable. Making videos has forced me to grow -- intellectually and profitably.

As a result, I actually love making videos. Go figure.

One last thing: Do you own a business?

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Postcards: The Insanely Simple (and Effective) Marketing Tool

Here's a story about a shocking pink postcard that might change the game for your business.

The postcard is from my good friend Vance Morris. The letters "DYGYSD" stand for "Did you get your 'stuff' done?"

Vance and I are in the same mastermind group and we hold each other accountable for achieving our goals. Every 7-10 days, he drops in unexpectedly to see how I'm doing. Thanks, Vance.

But in addition to holding me accountable, Vance is being memorable and getting my full attention with this postcard. That's something you can NOT do with an email.

And that's the point of this blog post: As a business owner, anytime you catch yourself thinking, "I'll just send an email" to your prospects or clients, think again. Can you send that same message by postcard? If so do that. 

Send a postcard, in addition to or instead of an email. You'll get more attention and better results. 

And no, I don't mean Send Out Cards or some other robotic crap. Write the message on the postcard. By hand. And mail it. With a stamp.

I keep a collection of postcards on hand and mail one almost every day. Whether it's for holidays or to thank people for referrals, a postcard is a simple tactical tool that's quick and easy.

Plus, a postcard can be physically held and is difficult to ignore -- completely different from an email.

Another nice thing is that postcards are a simple tool. They are pretty much goof proof. They require almost no skills to deploy correctly. Just like striking a match.

Postcards are simple, inexpensive, and they fit into any marketing strategy you may have.

All of which make postcards a true Marketing Multiplier -- little tools that can deliver big profits.

Now. Do you own a business in the U.S.?

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What's the Story of Your Business?

What's the story of your business?

Why did you start out?

What problem were you trying to solve when you first opened your doors?

You should be able to answer that question. Because the story of your business can separate you from every other business in any industry, in any city, anywhere on earth.

The story of your business is like your fingerprint -- it’s unique to you. It’s a rich vein of ideas you can mine and use to spice up all of your marketing materials, especially the Home and About Us pages on your website.

And here’s a harsh fact: If you don’t have a story, you probably don’t have a business.

With a good story that’s rich in interesting details, your clients and customers can better connect with you on a human level. Your story gives people more reasons to want to know, like, trust, and buy from you.

Here's a story to illustrate all this talk about ... stories.

FreshBooks is now a thriving company, with over 5,000,000 customers served in 120 countries. But it was started accidentally in 2003, as the solution to one man's problem with invoicing.

From the FreshBooks website:
The FreshBooks story begins back in January 2003, when Mike McDerment was running a four person design agency. When it came to billing clients, Word was frustrating to use and wasn’t built to create good looking invoices. Then one day something happened that makes every record-keeper cringe: he accidentally saved over an old invoice. Knowing there had to be a better way, he created it himself. Over the next two weeks he coded up a solution that became the foundation of what is now FreshBooks.

The road hasn’t been easy. It took over a year to bring the product to market. After 24 months, there were only 10 paying customers and revenues of $99 per month. The company moved into Mike’s parents’ basement and for the next 3.5 years, despite all the evidence pointing to failure, they carried on. Why? They discovered a passion for serving our customers, our company and working together.
If you're a business owner -- FreshBooks' ideal client -- you can identify with McDerment’s story. The frustration when he accidentally erased an invoice. His persistence in creating a solution to fix the problem, then gutting it out for more than 5 years to build a new company, in the face of evidence “pointing to failure.”

After reading that story, who would you rather give your money to, FreshBooks or QuickBooks?

Of course, FreshBooks. See my point?

There’s marketing power in a good story about your business

Here’s another story. Last year I opened a new business unit to help entrepreneurs who can’t afford my copywriting. Because my time is extremely limited, it doesn’t come cheap. My copywriting fees typically range from $4,995 to $39,995.

So I created a club for entrepreneurs, called Marketing Multipliers.

Every month, I ship members a new tool that delivers extra profits, just like my copywriting does. But because I can make one tool and distribute many, I can serve hundreds of members. So the fee is trivial -- only $29.95 a month. Any serious business owner can afford that. Especially when the first month is free.

That’s the story of why I started Marketing Multipliers.

Why did you start your business?

Answer that question and your marketing becomes more effective, for the same amount of time and effort.

Monday, January 4, 2016

I Lost a Bet on Michigan State!

I lost a bet, but rather than buy an Alabama t-shirt, I'm making a donation to the Bill Gough III Foundation. And I encourage you to do likewise!

Click here to learn more.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Marketing Myopia: Do You Make This Mistake?

Here's a question I get asked a lot: "What common mistakes do you see business owners make in their marketing?"

Well, look. I don't know everything about marketing, or even most things.

But I can see things differently by looking at someone's business from the outside.

And the #1 marketing mistake I see is this: Taking short-term, tactical actions without a long-term, strategic plan.

It's a fact: Most business owners don't plan their marketing more than a day or two in advance. They have no weekly, monthly, or annual plans -- nothing.

Of course, no marketing plan ever survives first contact with the customer. The landscape changes every day and your plan should be flexible and allow for changes.

But the act of planning your marketing gives you clarity and power. And unless you base your plan on answers to questions like these:
  • Who are my ideal clients? 
  • Where are they?
  • How can I reach them cost-effectively?
  • How much money can I invest in tactics to "buy" them?
  • When will I deploy those tactics? 
... you're at the mercy of anyone who tries to sell you a bright, shiny marketing object.

Example: I was talking to a very smart guy last week. He's in charge of marketing for a $10-million business. He asked me, "A magazine called me up and wants me to be in their next issue, about the 10 most influential marketing officers in America. It costs $5,000 for a feature article."

I asked, "Did you plan on spending five grand for print publicity?"

"No," he said. "But it sounded like a good idea when they called me."

It was not a good idea, by the way. We talked it over. I raised several red flags and saved him $5,000.

But that kind of thing happens every day. You might call it marketing myopia. Or simply a failure to plan.

Whatever you call it, know this: If you don't have a plan for your marketing, someone else does.

You might as well plan strategically, which simply means writing down your marketing calendar and budgets in advance. Otherwise, you are easy prey for someone else's plan. And you may be parted from your money, with little or nothing to show for it.

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Friday, December 18, 2015

Marketing Multipliers Success Story: Vance Morris

Vance Morris is a smart guy.

A former executive and trainer at Walt Disney World, he owns three businesses in Maryland and has clients around the world.

Vance also speaks at trade shows, conventions, and events around America.

Last year, he was awarded Marketer of The Year by Glazer Kennedy Insider Circle (GKIC), whose members are some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs (I'm member #750, dating back 18 years).

So I was pleasantly blown away when Vance sent me this video explaining how just one of the tools in my Marketing Multipliers program put an extra $5,000 in his bank account.

Take a look ...

 ... then, if you own a business and you want to grow faster, try Marketing Multipliers FREE.