Monday, July 21, 2014

12 Days of Christmas in July - Day 8

Today's Secret Code: The number 5
Write that number 5 down and save it until July 25.

Today's Deal ...

The Postcard Profit Explosion -- Save 50% Off

Did you know?

Postcards are an easy, low-cost way to solve two problems for you:

1. How do you get new clients? (The #1 worry for most businesses)

2. How do you get existing clients to come back for more? (The #1 missed opportunity for most businesses)

And because postcards are dirt cheap to print and mail, you can enjoy a steady flow of prospects and sales flowing into your business by mailing them out every month.

Example: One financial advisor I know, who regularly deposits $100,000 per week in the bank, mails more than 12,000 postcards a month to generate leads for his business. It's simple as heck -- and wildly profitable.

Another example: Here's the front of an example lead-generation postcard (much more copy on the back, which I can't show) ...

Pretty simple, eh? Just 6 words!?

Yeah, well, the opening of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony is simple, too -- just 8 notes. But they're the right 8 notes, in the right order, at the right tempo, with the right notes to follow :-)

Same thing with a postcard. Simple? Yes. Easy for an untrained writer to pull off? Hell no.

By the way, what did my clients say about their simple postcard with the 6-word headline?
"The postcards have been very successful. We are generating 4 times the response we were able to generate on our own and the payback is about 3:1. In fact, we are so happy with the results that we are developing new direct-mail campaigns with Kevin to further leverage this initial success."

-- Joshua Haberman and Todd Bacon, Alexander & Haberman Insurance, St. Paul, Minnesota
Here's another example: One of my clients has profited more than $747,000 in 14 months mailing the postcards I wrote for him to generate leads from a free, publicly available list of names. He then mails those leads a 12-page sales letter (which I also wrote). Of course, the postcards only generate leads, which we then convert into sales with the long letter. But without the leads, there would be no sales for my client.

And the same goes for you, too. No leads, no sales.

No doubt about it -- simple little postcards can do a big, profitable job for you if you need more qualified prospects.

Anyway, time is short. There are only 4 more days left in my 12 Days of Christmas in July event.

So here's what you get in today's deal, which I call The Postcard Profit Explosion ...

One postcard written and designed for you; ready to print and mail. With FULL instructions to help you maximize results -- where to get a mailing list, how to save big on printing/postage, when to mail, and how to follow up.

Written after an in-depth interview with you by phone. You will love the results. Or you don't pay.

Normally, I charge between $995 and $4,995 for a postcard campaign, but if you enroll before the deadline of July 25, it's only $495-- you save $500.

Click here to create a flood of qualified, ready-to-buy prospects for your business and Save $500 with The Postcard Profit Explosion.

You’ll be glad you did.


Kevin Donlin
Copywriter + Marketing Strategist

P.S. -- How much is just one new client worth to you? Five new clients?

If you're any good at what you do, that number is far higher than the tiny $495 you'll invest risk-free to put the power of postcard marketing to work in your business.

The postcard I write for you will cut through the clutter (hint: I use outrageous colored paper) ... it will bypass 100% of spam filters (because it's NOT another email) ... and it will bring you a flood of new, qualified prospects. Or you pay nothing. Because you're protected by my notorious, one-year unconditional 100% money-back guarantee: You love the results you get, or you get your money back.

Look, I know that a $495 price is stupid cheap. That's why it's only available until 12 noon on July 25, 2014. After that, I delete this web page -- poof. Gone. And your $500 savings vanish, too.

Am I crazy to price my copywriting this low? No. Because I'm using this project as a loss leader, to turn you from a window shopper into a client, then delight you with this project, then delight you with another, and so on ...

You see, I don't want to do one project, one time, for 100 clients. I want to do 2-3 projects a year for 10-20 clients.

So, rather than try to convince you to pay me $20,000 now ....

... I would rather write you a postcard that pays you back many times over, by bringing you more clients, more revenue, and more referrals ...

... then create another promotion that pays you back next month, etc.

Because working with a small number of fun, smart clients is the way I prefer to do business.

That's why I accept only clients who are fun and easy to work with. And I reserve the right to refund you on the spot if you don't look like a good fit. Don't be offended if that happens. It's nothing personal. Just business.

Hurry. Your $500 savings expire at 12 noon on July 25, 2014.

Click here to grab your own profit-producing postcard and save $500 today.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

12 Days of Christmas in July - Day 7

Today's Deal ...

The New Client Grabber Letter - FREE

You've never seen a letter quite like this one. And neither have your prospects.

It's based on a prototype that has turned prospects into paying clients for more than 30 years.

What can this simple one-page letter template do for you?

If a new client is worth more than $500 to you, you OWE it to yourself to find out.

To grab your copy of "The New Client Grabber Letter" now, just send an email to k -at- and I'll send it to by email within 1 business day!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

12 Days of Christmas in July - Day 6

Today's Deal ...

Client Reactivation System - 50% Off

Did you know?

One of the easiest ways to boost sales and profits for your business is to send a certain message to a certain group of people who already know you and trust you.

Who are these people?

Your clients!

They are the only source of your past profits ... because prospects and leads don't give you money. Only clients give you money.

And they're the best source of your future profits ... because they already know and trust you. So, unless you suck at what you do, it's not too hard to sell your clients over and over.

How do you do it?

One way is to send a special message, something I call a Client Reactivation Letter. And it could  rake in some of the easiest profits you will ever make.

How much money can you make?

Let’s find out, by answering a very important question:

How Much Is A Client Worth To You?

Write down your answers to the following:

1) Average purchase: $___________________

2) Multiply that by the average number of purchases per year: _______

= Average annual value: $ ______________

3) Now, multiply average annual value by the average number of years a client stays with you: _______

= Average Lifetime Value: $ ______________

Were you surprised? Or did it confirm what you already knew?

In either case, it was probably an eye-opener to see those dollar amounts on paper. Especially the average lifetime value (ALV) of every client who’s ever come into your business -- it’s a chunk of change, isn’t it?

And it makes you think: What if you could bring back just a few of those inactive clients who, for whatever reason, stopped buying from you? If you could do that, you would reap a cash windfall of very high-profit revenue.

You see, every business -- including yours -- has inactive clients. People just stop buying from you. A consultant or retailer may consider a client inactive after 6-12 months. For a real estate agent, it may be after 7 years. At what point are your clients inactive? Only you can answer that.

But once you’ve identified those inactive clients, you want to contact them with a special campaign of letters, emails, and/or phone calls. And here’s what’s important: You want to tell those clients that you KNOW they’re missing.

That’s because the #1 reason most people stop buying from you is not because they hate you, or they moved, or they found another vendor -- it’s because they forgot about you.

So, when you tell inactive clients that you know they are missing, that you really miss them, and that you have something special for them, you’re well on your way to getting them to buy again.

Once you understand this, you will discover …

How To “Obama-Proof” Your Business
And Give Yourself A Raise In 2014 …

It’s simple. Just send your inactive clients a letter by mail that gets opened and read.

Best part: The calls and orders usually start coming in within 48 hours -- because the people reading your letter aren’t total strangers. They already know you and trust you, remember?

So, really, the only thing your lost clients need to start buying from you again is the right message. Luckily, I’ve cracked that code for you.

Here’s one example, worth $77,098 …

“We mailed the letter Kevin wrote. It was our first time to send a direct-mail promotion like this to existing accounts already on the books. The results were pretty incredible -- $77,098 in new revenues, with more to come by the end of the year. The return on investment for your services was off the charts!”
 -- Jeff Prouty, Chairman and Founder, the Prouty Project, Eden Prairie, Minnesota

And here’s another, worth $19,287 …

"The Client Reactivation Sequence of letters you created for us more than paid off. In just one example, an inactive client came back and purchased the following as a result of the letters you wrote: a $5,262 project, then a $1,517 project, followed by project worth at least $19,287 -- maybe more. That's only one client; there were others."
-- George Platt, President, Harty Integrated Solutions, New Haven, Connecticut

By the way, how can you make your business “Obama-proof”? By taking home so much more money in 2014 that the IRS can tax you 7 ways to Sunday -- and you’ll still come out ahead. Besides, someone has to make money in this rotten economy. And it might as well be you.

Now, to make that happen for you …

Here’s What You Get

Your own “Client Reactivation Campaign” of 2 letters and 1 email, written after an in-depth interview with you -- one main letter, one follow-up letter (to boost your response 25-50% when you mail it 14 days later), and a final email (to boost your response even more).

Plus, you can re-use this “Client Reactivation Campaign” any time you need a cash-flow surge in your business. It’s a dependable asset that pumps out profits for you, year after year, like an oil well in your back yard. And your competition has NO idea what you’re doing, because this is all invisible to them.

Of course, you’re protected by my …

Somewhat Shocking And
Admittedly Unorthodox TRIPLE Guarantee

It’s simple. I guarantee your “Client Reactivation Campaign” will deliver at least TRIPLE your investment in my services in new revenue -- or more. Or your money back.

You can take up to one full year -- 365 days -- to use these letters and the email, and decide for yourself. You are judge, jury, and if need be, executioner.

Your investment in this guaranteed cash windfall is 2 monthly installments of only $997 -- a savings of 50% off my standard prices. Why the steep discount? Because I’ll be writing these letters in batches over the next 11 days, I can work faster -- and save you money.

Look, if you mail these letters, send the email, and don’t get back a 300% ROI -- at least $5,985 for your investment -- you can ask for and get your money back. You pay nothing. Now, I can’t be any fairer than that, can I?

Here’s What To Do Now

Please let me hear from you today, before you get distracted by summer vacation or mosquitoes.

For fastest service, click here to order securely and risk free.

Or pick up the phone and call me at 612-567-6642, or send email to k -at- to get started.

Wait. Is there a catch?

Yes. And it’s perfectly reasonable …

There are only a handful of days in July for me to write these very low-priced letters for you. I will book up FAST. And when that happens, or on July 25, 2014 – whichever comes first -- this offer gets pulled down. The clock is ticking …

Why not take advantage of this offer now, while it’s fresh in your mind? I have NO plans to ever repeat it.

Click here to order securely and risk free. Or grab your phone and call 612-567-6642 or send email to k -at- to get started today. You’ll be glad you did.


Kevin Donlin
Copywriter + Marketing Strategist

P.S. -- Do the math. How much would is it worth to “reactivate” just 3 more clients? How about 10 more? Thirty more? That’s the kind of revenue we’re talking about.

P.P.S. -- Your opportunity to earn a guaranteed 300% ROI, rake in at least $5,985, and save 50% off your own “Client Reactivation Campaign” expires at 12 noon on July 25, 2014 – or as soon as tomorrow, if my schedule fills up.

Re-selling to your inactive clients with a fun letter like this is the fastest way to achieve results. Let’s do this. Click here to order securely and risk free.

Or call me today at 612-567-6642 or send email to k -at-

Hurry! Your Savings Expire at 12 noon on July 25, 2014.

Friday, July 18, 2014

12 Days of Christmas in July - Day 5

Today's Deal ...

The Client Cloning Script

What’s the easiest way to build your business?

Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

How do you know the difference?

By asking the only people who matter -- your clients.

Now, for a limited time, discover exactly how to use your current clients to get more just like them.

With my simple, powerful Client Cloning Script.

It's just one page long. But the insights it delivers are POWERFUL.

Grab your copy of the script now, while there's still time ...

Thursday, July 17, 2014

12 Days of Christmas in July - Day 4

Today's Deal ...

The Tactile Email System (50% Off)

Here's the story: If you currently use email to prospect for new clients -- and if one new client is worth at least $500 to your business -- this is for you.

I'm writing to you because I've developed a new way to use email ...

... and it gets nearly 350% better response than standard email, based on my experience profiting from it for nearly 6 years now.

In fact, I've used this simple 1-page "Tactile Email" to get:
  • high-value prospects to call me back (including the publisher of a financial newsletter with 1.5 million readers)
  • help from promotional partners (including a busy editor who called me and then featured 2 of my articles in her magazine -- I can show them to you when we talk)
  • a sales meeting with a Fortune 500 VP
Now, stop and think.

What would it mean to your business if 350% more of your marketing emails got opened?

Here's what: Your open rates would skyrocket, from 20% (about average for business emails) to 90% (the typical open rates I've seen with my new "Tactile Email").

All you need do is send 5 or 10 of these a week and you will see results. You will get calls or email replies from at least 10 more prospects than you would have otherwise.

And if you're any good at what you do, you will add at least 2 new clients to your business this month that you never would have otherwise, at least 24 extra clients his year -- or more if you're really ambitious.

Do the math. What would 24 new clients this year be worth to you? $12,000? $25,000? $110,000? More?

And what if you could try this new type of email for only $1? 

That's right -- a buck.

Because I've been writing "Tactile Emails" for 6 years now, I can quickly write one for your business. You could start getting more calls from prospects just 3 business days from today.

If it works, you will gladly pay my full fee of $995 $495. But only after you have used it for 30 days. In that time, it should bring you at least 2 new clients or $1,000 in new revenue from the prospects and clients you already have.

If it doesn't work, you won't be out a penny -- I'll refund your $1 deposit and you'll be in the same position you are now.

Look, you've invested hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to build your business. Odds are, you don't have the ability, the understanding, or the time to persuade more of your prospects and clients to respond to your marketing messages.

But I do. It's what I do.

And I would love to create a "Tactile Email" that brings you at least 24 new clients this year, with NO extra advertising on your part. Just mail out the one-page message I'll write, based on your unique situation, and then start getting more phone calls and emails from prospects who are often laughing when they call you (I'll explain this happy side effect when you and I talk).


If so, we should talk. But ONLY if you meet these 4 qualifications:

1) You are in the U.S. or Canada
2) You use email to prospect for new clients
3) One new client is worth at least $500 to your business
4) You can mail 5-10 letters a week that I write for you (with the envelope and stamps I recommend -- they're part of the secret that I'll reveal)

If you qualify, take action TODAY and let's set up a 20-minute Discovery Conversation, to answer your questions and see if this is right for you.

Of course, there will be NO cost, NO obligation, and NO sales pressure.

In fact, when we talk, I'll probably give you at least one idea that you can profit from right away, whether or not we do business together. It happens all the time. Like the phone call I did with D -- her thank-you note from that conversation below:

Do this: Click here to schedule a "Tactile Email" Discovery Conversation with me by phone. Or send me an email and suggest 3 days/times that work for you. I'll reply by email to confirm our time.

By the way, this "Tactile Email" is NOT traditional direct mail or so-called lumpy mail. It's not a thank-you note, a postcard, a FedEx Letter, or Send Out Cards. There are NO pictures or "grabbers" (like dollar bills) involved.

It's none of that.

I know, it sounds crazy. But I've been quietly using this strange "Tactile Email" myself for the last 6 years, and I've only now figured out how to reproduce it on a larger scale for people like you.

Don't miss out. The call with me is free, if you meet the 4 conditions above. I hope to hear from you today, before it's too late ...

... because after 2 people grab a spot or July 25 -- whichever comes first -- this web page gets pulled down.

Here's what to do now: Click here to schedule a "Tactile Email" Discovery Conversation with me by phone. I'll reply by email to confirm our time. 

Kevin Donlin
Marketing Strategist + Copywriter
Client Cloning Systems

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

12 Days of Christmas in July - Day 2

Today's Deal ...

The Strangest Sales Secret?
Save 50% Off ...

I’m here to tell you about a new kind of business card I created for myself about 15 months ago ...

It’s changed everything for me. And it might change everything for you, too.

Honestly, you can’t even call this thing a business card, although it’s the same size as one. And it’s made of paper. But the similarities end there.

Take a look and see for yourself. Here’s the front of my card

And here’s the back, with a “payload” inside ...

I call it The Selling CardTM.

It may look like a business card, but it's actually a sales letter in disguise.

And for every 10 of these “secret sales letters” that I hand out, between 2 and 5 people will immediately start a conversation with me that produces either a hot lead or a sale.

That’s a response rate of 20% to 50%. By comparison, millions of dollars are made by sales letters with a response rate of 1-2%.

Does your business card work that hard for you?

Secret Sales Weapon? Get Real …

I know the term secret weapon is overused, but please suspend your skepticism for a minute while I tell you how and why the Selling Card is indeed my Secret Sales Weapon -- and it might be for you, too.

It all started Sunday morning, June 15, 2014, in the lobby of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, in Cleveland …

… I was at an exclusive $3,000-per-ticket seminar put on by Dan Kennedy, and a strange thing happened to me while waiting for the airport shuttle bus.

You see, I struck up a conversation with a man named Mark, a wealthy business owner. The guy lives in a gated community in Florida where everybody has an airplane hangar instead of a garage. The people who live there are all pilots who own their own airplanes.
As you can imagine, this is guy is no dummy when it comes to making money in business.

So I was kind of shocked after I handed him the kooky little Selling Card that I’ve been using myself for 14 months. He loved it. And he started quizzing me like Sherlock Holmes, asking tons of questions: What is this thing? How does it work? What results are you getting?

Even after we got to the airport, Mark was still buzzing about my Selling Card. We got past the TSA, we’re walking down to the gate, and he’s still quizzing me.
Now to be honest with you, I’ve had lots of compliments before about my card. But something clicked this time. I started thinking that maybe Mark might not be the only one who would be interested and want to learn about this.

The fact that you’ve read this far proves that you’re at least a little interested, too.

And that’s when I realized the strangest sales secret …

Why Hand Out Business Cards
When You Can Hand Out
Sales Letters In Disguise?

Think about it: What’s a sales letter anyway? A sales message on paper. Why not take it a step further and put your sales message on a card? That’s what a Selling Card is.

I mean, where’s the law that says your business card has to be name, rank, and serial number? Or that your card can’t deliver a “payload” inside, just like an envelope?

A Selling Card does.

We’re all “blind” to business cards. They are not new. They are not exciting. They do not and cannot sell by themselves.

As a result, every time you hand out an ordinary business card, you’re missing a golden opportunity to turn a suspect into a prospect … and a prospect into a buyer.

But a Selling Card is different.

A Selling Card … sells. Because it delivers your best sales message for you -- just like a sales letter -- every time you hand it out.

It puts you in a position of strength because your prospect is holding your card, actively involved in it, and impressed with you.

A key secret: The Selling Card has a payload inside, with elements that prove you know what you’re talking, about no matter what you’re selling. And because your prospects’ hands are engaged with the contents of your Selling Card, they’re more likely to engage with you -- and buy from you.

It’s all based on ...

The $750-Million Secret
Of Publishers Clearing House

You’ve heard of Publishers Clearing House, the giant company that sells magazine subscriptions by mail. And you’ve probably received their sales letters, which look like this …

… with all the stickers, scratch-off cards, and other involvement devices inside, like these:

So ... why include all that stuff inside a sales letter?

Because busy hands increase response.

The more time you invest in a sales letter -- picking up the items that fall out, tearing little stamps and pasting them onto an order card, scratching off tickets -- the more likely you are to respond.

Because Publishers Clearing House is a direct-response marketing company that tests every element of every sales letter, they know exactly what they’re doing. And they’re doing more than $750 million in annual revenue mailing sales letters with involvement devices.


Does your business card create busy hands?

Of course not. It cannot. It’s just a flat piece of paper.

That’s why I designed the Selling Card in the form of an envelope, which delivers a payload of involvement devices inside ... which creates busy hands ... which increases your response.

But the “payload” is just one element. Over the past 14 months of trial and error, I’ve identified ...

5 “Secret Ingredients” That
Go Into Every Selling Card

1) Design of the outer envelope
Remember, this is an actual envelope with something inside. Should the design resemble an envelope with a stamp or something else? Have you created a size that matches other business cards so it fits into your prospect’s wallet or pocket? These are all important considerations.

2) Blank space where people can write
It can be on the front or the back, but including blank space on the card is crucial because people need to be able to write down a short note after talking to you. This is another form of involvement.

3) The right payload
Should your payload be money? If so, should it be U.S. money or foreign currency? Or something else entirely, like a tiny brochure, a list of five of seven tips, a coupon or a picture?

4) Call to action
What do you want readers to do when they open the Selling Card? Should they call you? Should they schedule a meeting online? If that’s too intimidating, should they email you? Should they do something else? What can you offer to boost response? These are all parts of an effective call to action that you need to consider.

5) The script
What do you say when you hand the Selling Card to a prospect? Do NOT leave this to chance. Get this wrong and you come across as either too casual or an over-eager beaver. Either way, your credibility is torpedoed and you’re sunk before you start. But don’t worry. The right script is totally natural and fun to deliver.

So, as you can see, there’s a lot going on behind the curtain when it comes to how you create and distribute your Selling Card.

On top of that, here are 8 money-making advantages you get only from The Selling Card:

1) It becomes your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) because your Selling Card changes the rules of the game and is 100% unique to you (if you’ve ever struggled to stand out from the crowd in any industry -- insurance, real estate, financial services, industrial sales, health and fitness, professional services, network marketing -- this solves that problem for you instantly!)
2) It delivers your best sales message every time you meet a prospect, because it’s really a sales letter in disguise (and you don’t need to be a writer to make this work -- the writing is all done for you!)
3) It creates busy hands, which increases response to you and your message (unlike ordinary business cards, which get a quick glance at best)
4) It starts selling conversations with prospects on your terms, because you are the center of attention (it won’t make you the most interesting person in the world, but it can make you the most interesting person in the conversation!)
5) It delivers the right message to every prospect, because the payload inside can be customized in minutes before any business meeting, networking event, conference, etc. (try that with an ordinary business card)
6) It boosts your ego and your enthusiasm, because you are proud to hand this out (all of which boosts your results)
7) It doubles as a power-packed mini brochure, when left on a table
8) It fits in any wallet, because it’s the same size as a standard business card
Okay, that’s all well and good, but this is not for everyone. In fact, it may not be for you ...

Here Are 2 Reasons Why
You Might Say No To This Idea

1) You may think, “This won’t work for me. I can’t use a business card that’s so different.”

My response is this: The truly successful people in any industry are the ones breaking the rules of that industry. Whether it’s Apple with a smartphone that’s really a computer ... Uber with taxis that are really cars driven by ordinary people ... or you with a Selling Card that’s really a sales letter in disguise.

If you’re ever wondering what to do in business, just do the opposite of what the majority are doing. Because the majority are always struggling. The majority are a herd. And nobody in a herd can ever get ahead because they’re all clumped together.

2) You may think, “It’s too expensive to give away money with a Selling Card.”

Yes, it can be expensive to give away money in your Selling Card -- like the money you’re giving away every time your business card is ignored because it looks like every other business card. That can be expensive.

When your business card says, in effect, “You can buy this stuff from anyone and I’m anyone,” that can be expensive, too.

By the way, you don’t have to give away money with your Selling Card! There are unlimited options on what you can include in the payload inside.

Is The Selling Card
Right For You? That Depends …

Question: If a Selling Card brings you just one more sale this month, what’s that worth to you? How about 12 more sales this year -- what’s that worth to you?

An extra $1,200? $5,000? $12,000? More?

Whatever that number, if a handful of extra sales this year are worth more than $1,200 to you, The Selling Card is something you absolutely need in your toolkit.

If you have to live off what you sell, think: How does it feel to close a sale?

Think of the biggest sale you’ve made in the last 3 months. How did that feel?

Now think of the biggest sale you’ve ever made. How did that feel?

I’m asking you this for an important reason: If you’ve ever said or done anything to make a sale, you can prompt another sale just like it by putting those same words on your Selling Card.

That’s what I’ve discovered over 19 years as a copywriter, writing sales messages that sell, and during 14 months of trial and error to perfect the Selling Card.

If you’ve got 19 years to learn how to write sales copy ... 14 months and nearly $3,000 to invest in creating 7 different prototypes of a Selling Card ... you might want to try building one yourself.

Otherwise, if this sounds like a good idea and you want to put some speed and excitement into your business -- and you want to make sure this good idea doesn’t die on the vine like so many other good ideas you’ve heard before …

... you can get your own Selling Card in about 14 days, along with $1,295.00 in Free Bonuses.

It’s called …

The Selling Card Profit System

It’s a simple process that gives you a Selling Card -- one that's 100% unique to YOU -- in about 14 days.

Here’s what you get ...

First, you’ll join me for a live workshop by phone next Monday morning. It’s a 45-minute phone call, during which I’ll write your Selling Card with you, step by step. At the end, all the writing is done for you!

Next, I send your information off to the printer. 

Finally, you get 100 custom Selling Cards by mail about 14 days later.

That’s it! You can be starting more conversations and closing more sales with a Selling Card before the end of July.

But that’s not all. You also get ...

3 FREE Bonuses Worth $1,295.00

FREE Bonus #1: Selling Card Script Training ($250 value)
You must fully understand how the Selling Card works and what words to say before handing it out to prospects. Otherwise, like trying to perform surgery without training, you’ll end up committing malpractice instead. When you take action and enroll today, you’ll get personal training from me in the scripting and delivery secrets you need to make the Selling Card work for you.

FREE Bonus #2: The Paper Email Blueprint ($995 value)  
This blueprint is based on the same service I currently charge $995 for. It’s a new twist on direct mail that cuts through the clutter and has nearly the same impact as a FedEx letter, for the price of a 49-cent stamp. I've used this simple 1-page tool to get:
  • high-value prospects to call me back (including the publisher of a newsletter with 1.5 million readers)
  • help from promotional partners (including a busy editor who called me and then featured 2 of my articles in her magazine)
  • a sales meeting with a Fortune 500 VP
  • responses from incredibly hard-to-reach people, like Seth Godin

The Paper Email Blueprint is NOT about mailing thank you notes or postcards. You do NOT send out cards, there are NO pictures or lumpy items inside. It’s just a powerful little tool that works like crazy to bring you more business. And it’s yours FREE, when you enroll today.

FREE Bonus #3: 100 Foreign Banknotes ($50 value)

The payload is an essential reason why the Selling Card works so well. And including actual money in your Selling Card is a fantastic way to start a conversation. So, when you enroll today, I’ll send you a packet of 100 foreign banknotes like the one above, to stuff inside your Selling Card.

These foreign banknotes add incredible punch to your Selling Card -- and will make your phone ring with more sales. Guaranteed!

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Kevin Donlin
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3 FREE Bonuses For Ordering Immediately