Saturday, December 13, 2014

How to Script Your Own Success

How to Script Your Own Success

Last week, Ohio State beat the living snot out of Wisconsin in the Big Ten championship, 59-0. They did it with a third-string quarterback making his FIRST career start. Ponder that for a moment.

Now ponder this: You can be sure that EVERY SINGLE play on their opening drive was scripted for that QB. See the play list below (read them from bottom up):

By scripted, I mean that each of the plays above were practiced in order, many times during the week, until the new QB and his players knew them cold. This gave them confidence that they could execute them on Saturday night.

Question for your business: Do you practice and script your phone calls? How about the presentations and sales closes that you make to prospects?

If not, pardon my French, but what the hell are you thinking?

Former NFL coach Bill Walsh, a pioneer of scripting the first plays of a game, once told The NY Times: “Scripting is planning; it's contingency planning. The fewer decisions to be made during the game, the better. You don't want to live by your instincts.” In the same story, Lindy Infante, former coach for the Indianapolis Colts, said: “We do not script here because we get into the game and get the feel and try to adjust.” Bill Walsh is in the NFL Hall of Fame. Lindy Infante is not.

Here's an example from my own experience: I was speaking to a prospect for my resume service years ago who sounded ready to buy ... until he uttered those fateful words: "I want to think about it."

I had heard that before. (You, too?) But, because I had heard that one -- and answered it -- before, I looked down at my phone script, which I had practiced before, and replied: "Two heads are better than one. Why don't we think about it right now?"

It turned out that he was concerned about price. I told him about my payment plans and money-back guarantee. He was sold, right there on the phone, and gave me his credit card number.

Now. I guarantee you he would have never called me back after "thinking about it." He would have been poorly served by choosing one of my inferior competitors or trying to fix his problem alone. And I would have been out one sale. Sales scripts pay you back. Big time.

Here's a note I got recently from a client in my Marketing Multipliers Club (thanks, Kathleen!), whom I worked with to develop a sales script:

 "Thanks to your outstanding sales coaching I snagged a reluctant Angie's List member. When I mentioned we do not charge diagnostic fees and just get to work, she was amazed. She then had ammo to ask competitors and found out our originally higher price was a real bargain ... even when compared to service providers within a mile of her house!"

To create your own sales scripts, start writing down anything you've ever said to a prospect that closed a sale.

Then, keep adding to your scripts as you develop new answers to tough questions. Practice your answers before making a sales call or whenever you have free time.

Key: When you write down and practice your words that sell, you'll have a script you can follow for higher profits.

Simple? Yes. Profitable? Yes. That’s what makes scripts a Marketing Multiplier -- a small action or simple tool the delivers BIG profits for your business.

If you own a business or you sell a service, you can get a toolbox of Marketing Multipliers given to you on December 30, at my Free, one-time-ONLY Video Training.

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

New Marketing Training for Consultants, Coaches, and Service Professionals

Do you own a business or sell a service?

If so, this is for you ...

Announcing a FREE Webcast on Tuesday, December 30:

"Marketing Multipliers: 3 Secrets to More Leads, More Sales, and More Profits"

Here's the deal: You couldn't attend my in-person "Marketing Multipliers" session here in the Twin Cities. And that's too bad.

Because the people who came had comments like these ...

"I just attended Kevin's one-hour workshop and I got more great ideas I've never thought of before -- and frankly, I've read every book there is out there -- and I can use them right away. These are brain-dead simple to execute, and I can't wait to get started!" - Dan Janal, PR Leads

"I enjoyed it a great deal. Really nice, tangible things -- I've already got a list of things to do by the end of the day. A great session!" - Jim Reid, Bottom Line Business Advisors

Anyway, I'm doing a Live Video version of the training on Tuesday, December 30 and you can watch it FREE at your desk.

No replay is planned, so please clear just one hour in your schedule for this. You'll be glad you did! 

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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Holiday Profits For You -- Client Reactivation System Half-Off

Did you know?

One of the easiest ways to increase sales and profits for your business is to send a certain message to a certain group of people who already know you and trust you.

Who are these people?

Your clients!

They are the only source of your past profits ... because prospects and leads don't give you money. Only clients give you money.

And they're the best source of your future profits ... because they already know and trust you. So, unless you suck at what you do, it's not too hard to sell your clients over and over.

How do you do it?

One way is to send what I call a Client Reactivation Letter. And it could  rake in some of the easiest profits you will ever make this holiday season.

How much money can you make?

Let’s find out, by answering a very important question:

How Much Is A Client Worth To You?

Write down your answers to the following:

1) Average purchase: $___________________

2) Multiply that by the average number of purchases per year: _______

= Average annual value: $ ______________

3) Now, multiply average annual value by the average number of years a client stays with you: _______

= Average Lifetime Value: $ ______________

Were you surprised? Or did it confirm what you already knew?

In either case, it was probably an eye-opener to see those dollar amounts on paper. Especially the average lifetime value (ALV) of every client who’s ever come into your business -- it’s a chunk of change, isn’t it?

And it makes you think: What if you could bring back just a few of those inactive clients who, for whatever reason, stopped buying from you? If you could do that, you would reap a cash windfall of very high-profit revenue.

You see, every business -- including yours -- has inactive clients. People just stop buying from you. A consultant or retailer may consider a client inactive after 6-12 months. For a real estate agent, it may be after 7 years. At what point are your clients inactive? Only you can answer that.

But once you’ve identified those inactive clients, you want to contact them with a special campaign of letters, emails, and/or phone calls. And here’s what’s important: You want to tell those clients that you KNOW they’re missing.

That’s because the #1 reason most people stop buying from you is not because they hate you, or they moved, or they found another vendor -- it’s because they forgot about you.

So, when you tell inactive clients that you know they are missing, that you really miss them, and that you have something special for them, you’re well on your way to getting them to buy again.

Once you understand this, you will discover …

How To “IRS-Proof” Your Business
And Give Yourself A Raise In 2015 …

It’s simple. Just send your inactive clients a letter by mail that gets opened and read.

Best part: The calls and orders usually start coming in within 48 hours -- because the people reading your letter aren’t total strangers. They already know you and trust you, remember?

So, really, the only thing your lost clients need to start buying from you again is the right message. Luckily, I’ve cracked that code for you.

Here’s one example, worth $77,098 …

“We mailed the letter Kevin wrote. It was our first time to send a direct-mail promotion like this to existing accounts already on the books. The results were pretty incredible -- $77,098 in new revenues, with more to come by the end of the year. The return on investment for your services was off the charts!”
 -- Jeff Prouty, Chairman and Founder, the Prouty Project, Eden Prairie, Minnesota

And here’s another example, worth $19,287 …

"The Client Reactivation Sequence of letters you created for us more than paid off. In just one example, an inactive client came back and purchased the following as a result of the letters you wrote: a $5,262 project, then a $1,517 project, followed by project worth at least $19,287 -- maybe more. That's only one client; there were others."
-- George Platt, President, Harty Integrated Solutions, New Haven, Connecticut

By the way, how can you make your business “IRS-proof”?

By taking home so much more money that the government can tax you 7 ways to Sunday -- and you’ll still come out ahead. Besides, someone has to make money in this rotten economy. And it might as well be you. Now …

Here’s What You Get

Your own “Client Reactivation Campaign” of 2 letters and 1 email, written after an in-depth interview with you -- one main letter, one follow-up letter (to boost your response 25-50% when you mail it 14 days later), and a final email (to boost your response even more).

Key: You can re-use this “Client Reactivation Campaign” any time you need a cash-flow surge in your business. You're getting a dependable asset that pumps out profits for you, year after year, like an oil well in your back yard.

And your competition has NO idea what you’re doing, because it's all invisible to them -- you're sending these messages to your inactive clients, remember?

Of course, you’re protected by my …

Somewhat Shocking And
Admittedly Unorthodox TRIPLE Guarantee

It’s simple. I guarantee your “Client Reactivation Campaign” will deliver at least TRIPLE your investment in my services in new revenue -- or more. Or your money back.

You can take up to one full year -- 365 days -- to use these letters and the email, and decide for yourself. You are judge, jury, and if need be, executioner.

Your investment in this guaranteed cash windfall is 2 monthly installments of only $997 -- a savings of 50% off my standard prices. Why the steep discount? Because I’ll be writing these letters in batches during the next 3 weeks, I can work faster -- and save you money.

Look, if you mail these letters, send the email, and don’t get back a 300% ROI -- at least $5,985 for your investment -- you can ask for and get your money back. You pay nothing. Now, I can’t be any fairer than that, can I?

Here’s What To Do Now

Please let me hear from you today, before you get distracted by holiday shopping for other people -- this is a fleeting opportunity to do something wonderful for YOU.

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Wait. Is there a catch?

Yes. And it’s perfectly reasonable …

There are only a handful of days in December for me to write these low-priced letters for you. I will book up FAST. And when that happens, or on December 31, 2014 -- whichever comes first -- this offer gets pulled down. The clock is ticking …

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Kevin Donlin
Copywriter + Marketing Strategist

P.S. -- Do the math. How much would is it worth to “reactivate” just 3 more clients? How about 10 more? Thirty more? That’s the kind of revenue we’re talking about.

P.P.S. -- Your opportunity to earn a guaranteed 300% ROI, rake in at least $5,985, and save 50% off your own “Client Reactivation Campaign” expires at 12 noon on December 31 -- or as soon as tomorrow, if my schedule fills up.

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Hurry! Your Holiday savings expire on December 31, 2014.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP): What's the Big Picture?

If you're a consultant, coach, or service professional and you face commoditization, you MUST do something to stand out in your market.

You probably knew that.

The solution? A USP.

First popularized in 1961 by Rosser Reaves in his book, Reality In Advertising (out of print), USP is short for Unique Selling Proposition, it's your answer to this question: “Why should I buy only from you, at the price you’re asking, now?”

You probably knew that, too.

But I'll bet you didn't know that early USPs were doubly powerful, because they were visual as well as written.

Why? So busy housewives wouldn’t forget the product between then time they saw it on TV at night and went shopping the next day.

Below are two powerful USPs that combine words and pictures (both created by Reaves):

See how visually involving and convincing these graphics are? They're screen caps from TV commercials that ran in the 1960s.

Now, here are 3 modern examples of visual USPs:

Plenty of blenders claim to be fast, convenient, powerful, etc. But only one -- Blendtec blenders -- proves their claims visually like this, with a fun YouTube channel. That's a USP.

Plenty of sushi restaurants claim to offer yummy authentic food that will delight you. But only one -- Ebisu Sushi, in Vancouver, BC -- proves their claims visually like this, with a wall of these unique customer photos. That's a USP.

The Selling Card

Plenty of marketing tools claim to make selling easy for you. But only one -- The Selling CardTM -- proves its claims visually like this, by showing you a sales letter masquerading as a business card.

Key question: How can you make your USP visual and well as verbal? That makes it doubly powerful, and can make your business doubly profitable.

A USP is a perfect example of what I call a "Marketing Multiplier" -- a small action that multiplies your profits. If you own a business or you sell a service, you can get a toolbox of Marketing Multipliers given to you on December 30, at my Free, one-time-ONLY Video Training.

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Friday, November 14, 2014

The Death of Free Consultations and Ezines

Do you sell consulting, coaching, or professional services?

If so, you probably offer a free consultation and/or a free ezine on your web site.

One word: STOP. As in, "Stop doing that. Now."

Here's why. Google your competitors. Look at their websites. Look at what they're offering. See any patterns?

If you're like 90% of the consultants, coaches, or service professionals I talk to, your competitors are all offering a Free Consultation, a Free subscription to Advice/Tips/Ezine -- or both. And you're probably doing the same thing.

Guess what?

When you and your competitors all offer the same "get acquainted" options, your prospects can't tell you apart. They will shop around for the lowest price, just as they do with other commodities, like gasoline. And you'll find yourself on a fast track to oblivion.

Instead, do two things: Give your free consultation a different name. Then, offer something besides a free ezine. 

1) Rename your Free Consultation

There are 1,001 other ways to say "Free Consultation." Renaming examples:
  • Free Options Review
  • Complimentary "Know Your Options" Review
  • Free "Know Your Options" Conversation
  • Complimentary Property Savings Analysis
  • Complimentary Revenue Outline
  • No-Cost Project Game Plan
  • No-Charge Benefit Snapshot
  • No-Cost Risk Assessment

2) Rename and repackage your Free Advice/Tips/Ezine

There are 1,001 other ways to attract leads besides a "Free Ezine." Renaming examples:
  • Free Client Cloning Kit
  • Monthly Tipsheet
  • Money-Saving Cheat Sheet
  • Profit Blueprint
  • Opportunity Blueprint
  • Profit Recovery Kit
  • Free Strategic Organizer
  • Hidden Money Finder

But don't stop at the name. Repackage your information and deliver it differently. Consider any or all of these delivery mechanisms:
  • Print and mail in an envelope, tube, or box
  • Video series on YouTube
  • Audio series on iTunes
  • Printed book
  • Printed booklet
  • Printed white paper
  • Teleseminar series
  • Webinar series

Just as a small change to the rudder can change the course of a ship by thousands of miles, these two small changes to your marketing can change the course of your business by thousands -- or millions -- of dollars.

So. Stop offering Free Consultations and Free Advice/Tips/Ezine. Rename and repackage what you do.

By the way, I call these ideas "Marketing Multipliers" -- little efforts that multiply your profits.

If you own a business or you sell a service, you can get a toolbox of Marketing Multipliers given to you on December 30, at my Free, one-time-ONLY Video Training.

Can't make it to that event? My free Client Cloning Kit can help. It's not some cheapo download -- this is a real business-building kit you can hold in your hands. Grab yours now, while you can.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How to Make Your Business Remarkable

Want clients for life? People who buy from your business again and refer others?

One way to get them is to make your business remarkable, so that clients literally remark about you to their friends.

And if you want a simple way to become remarkable -- and create clients for life -- try this: If you sell a service, give away a product; if you sell a product, give away a service. Examples:

Service --> Product
  1. Give clients an unexpected PRODUCT with the service, like a cookie, book, or gift card. Example: The maid who puts a mint on your pillow after making up your room is remarkable
  2. Mail them a printed monthly newsletter. Don't have time to write one? Mail a copy of a helpful article, with a 5-word sticky note: "Saw this, thought of you." (If you don't have time for that, you don't have a business -- you have a hobby.)
  3. Mail a "Quick Start Guide" or a "What to Expect" report after the first order

Product --> Service
  1. Give clients an unexpected SERVICE with the product, like coaching or answering questions. Example: The web site that gives you free express shipping with your product is remarkable
  2. Call to thank clients after every order, and ask what their #1 question is going forward. Answer that question (and listen for upsell and referral signals)
  3. Refer clients to other vendors who can fill their needs for products/services you don't provide (which makes you a center of influence -- and makes you remarkable)
None of this is rocket surgery, by the way. You don't need 1,000 Facebook likes or a $30,000 web site overhaul to make it work. Just a little creative thinking. Thinking -- that's a remarkable feat which, by itself, can make your business remarkable.

If you own a business or you sell a service, you can get a toolbox of Marketing Multipliers given to you on December 30, at my Free, one-time-ONLY Video Training.

Meanwhile, if you want more clients, my free Client Cloning Kit can help. It's not some cheapo download -- this is a real business-building kit you can hold in your hands. Grab yours now, while you can.

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Upsell: Key to Higher Profits and Satisfaction

What is an upsell?

Short answer: Free money. Because a certain percentage of your clients want to buy more and almost all of them can buy more. The only question is, are you willing to sell it to them?

Academic answer: Asking people to buy more during or after the sale. Also called a bump or a cross-sell.

Upsell example: Tim, a photographer in St. Paul, Minnesota, added $4,000 in extra revenue in 6 months -- on track for $8,000 extra each year -- without working any harder.


He added an upsell to his wedding photo packages. In addition to low and a medium, he now offers a premium-priced package to clients. He starts every presentation with “Here’s the best package,” and then works down. No hard selling required (Tim is very laid-back).

Results: More than 20% of his clients sell themselves. And Tim will bank an extra $8,000 from the same amount of work this year -- enough to fully fund his IRA and take his family on an exquisite vacation or two, with no extra work.

Moral: If you don't have an upsell, you are leaving money on the table.

But this is NOT about greed and you are NOT an evil 1% wannabe for offering an upsell. No.

When you offer more to buyers who already have their credit card out, you deliver two benefits to them:

1) better results (by delivering more of what they need, such as faster download speeds for Internet access) and

2) better feelings (because many people want to spend more to feel good about themselves -- otherwise, we would all drive a $12,780 Nissan Versaa, the cheapest new car in America).

When you offer a high-quality upsell to clients, you help them and you help yourself. Win-win.

Note: If you own a business or you sell a service, you can get a toolbox of Marketing Multipliers given to you on December 30, at my Free, one-time-ONLY Video Training.

Meanwhile, if you want more clients, my free Client Cloning Kit can help. It's not some cheapo download -- this is a real business-building kit you can hold in your hands. Grab yours now, while you can.