Monday, September 1, 2014

More Media Means More Money

Whatever you're doing to grow your business, you can do it better by doing it via more media.

By distributing your best sales message in more ways, you appeal to the communications styles of more people -- and sell more stuff.
  • If you sell in person or by phone, you can distribute your sales message via direct mail, email, video, email, etc.
  • If you sell by email or web pages, add direct mail, seminars, video, etc. to your mix
  • If you sell by direct mail, add email, seminars, video, etc.

Want examples? Here you go ...

  • Phone + Mail: For a real estate investor, I turned his best phone sales message into a series of letters and postcards... and netted him $770,000 in profits (and counting)
  • In Person + Print Ad: For an insurance agent, I turned his in-person sales message into a newspaper insert (FSI) ... and increased his net profits 670% 
  • In Person + Mail: For a chain of pet stores, I turned their best employee's sales message into a sales letter... and delivered a 23.02% response and an ROI of 683%
  • In Person + Email: For a business coach, I turned his in-person sales message into a series of emails to promote a webinar ... and helped deliver $115,000 in 24 hours
  • Text + Video: For a consultant's landing page, I turned the written copy into an added video ... and conversion rates nearly doubled, from 25% to more than 40%
Note: Research shows that your tone of voice and body language -- NOT your words -- can account for up to 93% of communications, depending on the topic. So, if you add a new medium to your marketing mix, consider doing a video. This is supported by research from Mashable, showing that adding video content to your web site can increase conversions by 86% and sales by 44%.

Task: Find your best sales message -- that thing you're doing or saying that brings in the most sales and profits. Then, distribute it via one new medium. Then add another. And another.

Rinse. Repeat. Profit.

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