Tuesday, August 27, 2013

There Is NO Business Problem That Can't Be Solved With This

"There's got to be a better way!"

Sound familiar?

If you're like me, you've said (screamed?) the following at least once about your business:

  • There's got to be a better way to get more clients!
  • There's got to be a better way to sell more of my products/services!
  • There's got to be a better way to use my time!

Fortunately, for almost every business I know of, there's one way to do all 3 of the above -- and a whole lot more.

What's the answer?

A sales letter.

The late, great marketing genius Gary Halbert once said, "There is no business problem that can't be solved with a really good sales letter." And he was right.

Case in point: My client, Ryan.

After the departure of his business partner, he was facing a potential loss in income ... hours spent banging the phones to sell his service ... loads of frustration.

In a word, problems.

But I solved those problems for him. With a simple sales letter.

To the tune of $250,000.

In 7 days.

How did we do it?

Read my interview with Ryan below and discover for yourself the truth in this statement: "There is no business problem that can't be solved with a really good sales letter."

Kevin: Tell us about your business. What do you do?

Ryan: I own a real estate investment company that buys houses through the mail. I’ve been doing it for about 9 years and the last 3 months have just been the most amazing turnaround that I’ve seen. It’s been pretty amazing and I have you to thank for it, but we can get into that in just a minute.

Kevin: What was going on before we started working together?

Ryan: When I first got started in the business I used to go out to people’s homes and sit in their living room and try to negotiate with them and that was a tremendous waste of time.

So I got a business partner and for the last three and a half years, when we decided to stop meeting with people in their homes, we switched to doing it all over the phone. We would send them something in the mail to get them to pick up the phone and call and we negotiated with them over the phone and tried to buy the houses that way. It was me and my business partner and we made it work. But it was very labor intensive.

Kevin: So, it was labor intensive. Now, what motivated you to seek me out to write a sales letter for you? Were you hoping to clone your selling process and turn it into a sales letter somehow?

Ryan: I recently split from my business partner, and he was the phone guy. I hate being on the phone. I’m not a good negotiator and I acknowledge and recognize that. My job in our partnership was to make the phone ring; his job was to talk on it. I know that it’s not my strength and when we parted ways I realized that I had to replace him pretty quickly and I was not going to be the one to do that.

I figured it seemed like the logical step was to replace him with a more automated process, with sales letters -- trying to do what he did over the phone through the mail.

Kevin: So you were trying to fill a really big hole in your business.

Ryan: It really was. Of course, I had my reservations, but because you came so highly recommended by Craig Simpson, I knew that if my idea was going to work, you were the guy to make it happen. And I’m really excited about the results that I’m having.

Kevin: Yes, so let’s talk about that. The big question is, have we been able to automate your selling and put some money in the bank?

Ryan: Yes, you are one of my favorite people in the world right now, because after we started testing the sales letter that you worked on, the phone started to ring, people started to call with stuff for sale, and it started to work automatically -- what we used to do with a lot of manual labor over the phone.

Seven days ago I got an offer accepted from a guy -- I did no negotiating with him. He got your package in the mail, he called and said yes, and I think we’re closing on that one tomorrow morning. I’m going to make $115,000 on that deal. That’s pretty amazing. Even I’m just in a little bit of a state of shock over that right now.

Then, yesterday was a Monday and at 8:30 in the morning I got not one but two sellers who had received your sales package last week. I didn’t have to negotiate with them on the phone, I didn’t have to talk to them, they got your package, and they were both calling to accept first thing on a Monday. I mean what a great way to start a week.

So in the last seven days I’ve got $250,000 in cash and equity that are lined up as a result of the work that we’ve done with you. So it’s money well spent.

Kevin: Fantastic. Ryan, thank you so much for sharing your story. !

Like all good stories, this one has a moral. And it's this: One really good sales letter can change your life, just like Ryan's.

One sales letter can deliver your best selling message by mail to your prospects and clients, while you do other things.

It can bring you all the leads and new clients you can handle ... get them to keep buying again and again ... bring back “lost” clients ... even give you an endless stream of referrals.

And it doesn't matter what product or service you sell. Heck, if you can buy and sell homes by mail, you can buy and sell pretty much ANYTHING by mail.

Think about it. A sales letter never calls in sick. Never takes a day off. Never asks for a raise. Never complains about commissions. And it never quits on you.

That's the power of one really good sales letter. Food for thought.

And, to learn more about how I do that for entrepreneurs across America, you should first grab my Free Client Cloning Kit, here.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Want It? Give It. The Giver's Gain Strategy

Here's a simple idea that can grow you, personally and professionally, faster than almost anything else I know.

It's this: Give what you want to get.

When you give of yourself to your marketplace, you put things in motion that I don't fully understand, but which never fail to make you and your business bigger.

When you are giving, you are growing. When you were giving, you are sharpening your skills and raising your profile.

When you are giving, you are gaining the attention and goodwill of your prospects and referral partners.

What to give? Whatever you want to get.

  • Want referrals? Give referrals.
  • Want leads? Give leads.
  • Want people to buy your cookies? Give samples.
  • Want attention paid to your blog? Give attention, by posting comments on other blogs.
  • Want people to buy your business acumen? Give it away, on a blog, in articles, in free reports, in public seminars.
That last idea gets a LOT of resistance from marketing "experts" but that's understandable. It seems counter-intuitive. Until you realize something. Two things, actually:

1) Nobody does anything with free advice, no matter how good. That's why the libraries are full of people watching YouTube or playing video games instead of reading the books that can solve their problems. So don't worry. Nobody's going to get rich with your brilliant idea.

2) Everybody is impressed by good advice that's free. They think, "If that's the free stuff, his paid stuff must be awesome." So they buy. Because you gave your good stuff away and rose to expert status in their minds (and wallets).

It's not that easy, of course, but you get the idea.

Give what you want to get. At the very least, it will prime your confidence pump by putting you out in the marketplace among prospective clients, instead of home alone in front of a computer screen.

My business doubled last year and it's up another 80% this year largely as a result of this one idea.

Try it.

Meanwhile, if you want to put an end to "feast or famine" syndrome in your business, my free Client Cloning Kit can help. Grab your free copy now, while they last.