Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Big Profits From A Slight Edge

Did you know?

You don't have to be 3 times better to earn 3 times more money in your business.

Just ask Kentucky Derby winner, American Pharoah.

American Pharoah: Slight edge, big winner
If he could talk, he'd tell you that he won by just a slight edge over the #2 horse. But he took home a LOT more money.

Three times more, as a matter of fact. Check it out ...

1. American Pharoah - $1,240,000 payoff

2. Firing Line - $400,000 payoff

Was American Pharoah three times faster than Firing Line? No. He was just a little bit better. He had a slight edge.

Is that fair? No.

Is that life? Yes.

All you need is just a slight edge over the other guy ... and you can take home a paycheck that’s so much bigger, it’s almost unfair.

Here's another example from the human world, my client, Joe X. (He advertises every day on national TV and his competitors steal his ideas, so his name must be kept confidential for now.)

Joe is on track to add $462,363 EXTRA to his business this year, from the same ad spend.

He did it, with my help, using the same principle of the slight edge. Take a look at the graphic below to see the "before and after" results of a test I did for him ...

How did I cause a 43% surge in his sales, almost overnight?

I made a slight change to his web site -- just the headline. That's it.

The new version took me less than 5 minutes to create ... but it was based on 20 years(!) of writing web page copy. Yes, I've been at this since 1995.

We sent more than 1,880 visitors to two versions of his web site to see which was more profitable.

And ... we got 43% more sales. That's an extra $8,891 every week my client will likely make, from the same amount of web traffic, thanks to one slight change I made for him.

Takeaway: If you're not optimizing your marketing -- testing changes big and small to your headlines, email subject lines, phone scripts, sales letters, etc. -- you are absolutely, positively throwing money away.

Best part: You don't have to change the world to change your world. Just a small, slight edge can slice open huge new sales and profits.

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

36 F- Words You Can’t Say in Business

(See the key below for what each F-word really means.)

Did you know?

Your business strategy is f---1 important!

Unfortunately, it’s easy to be distracted by f---2 tactics.

That’s why you need a strategic plan of action to stay on track. Otherwise ...

You’ll Be Seriously F---3!

But let’s f---4 recap shall we?

A tactical business owner works to make more sales today.

If you tell him (or her, I’m not a f---5 sexist) that it’s twice as hard to get an appointment with a prospect as it was 5 years ago, he’ll say, “F---6! I’m going to work twice as hard.”

By contrast, a strategic business owner works to make more sales today and tomorrow.

If you tell him it’s twice as hard to get an appointment with a prospect, he’ll say, “F---7! I’m going to make selling twice as easy.” In other words ...

The Tactical Business Owner
Chases Profits By Working F---8 Harder.

The Strategic Business Owner
Creates Profits By Working F---9 Smarter.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: How can I f---10 work smarter and make selling twice as easy?

Well, you should f---11 realize that only about 3% of your prospects are actively looking to make a purchase right now, according to my f---12 research. Out of every 100 phone calls or emails you get, only about 3 of them will say, “I want to f---13 buy today!”

The rest of your prospects (as many as 97% of those f--14 people) are not buying today. They’re only thinking about it. They might be interested or think they have a problem ... but they’re not sure how you can f---15 help.

So, what can you say to the 97% of your market to get their f---16 attention and start a f---17 conversation that leads to a f---18 sale, even if they’re NOT ready to buy?

Try this: Offer to educate them. Because everyone wants to make things better, but only 3% want to buy today. It’s just common f---19 sense.

Want proof?

Try this thought experiment ...

You walk into a car dealer. A tactical sales rep pounces and says, “Hi! Can I help you find a f---20 car? We’ve got some f---21 beauties this week!”

What’s your reaction?

“No, I’m just f---22 looking.” You may want to buy a car, but instincts take over and your shields go up when you think you’re being sold something.

At another car dealer, a strategic sales rep greets you and says: “Hi! Have you seen our f---23 car guide? It shows you how to avoid the 7 mistakes most people make when buying a car. It’ll save you money even if you don’t f---24 buy from us. Here’s a free copy.”

What’s your reaction to that?

“Thank you! This is f---25 great.” You’re now indebted to that sales rep for giving you real value before he asked for money. You may buy today. Or not. But you’ll certainly be more open to a f---26 conversation with that sales rep. Which makes a sale today more likely.

And you’ll take his f---27 car guide home and either buy from him in the future or use the guide to evaluate other sales reps, who will likely pale in comparison to the guy who tried to f---28 educate you. 

So ...

That’s The F---29 Power Of
Strategic Educational Marketing

By playing the long game and taking time to help buyers today, you can make more sales, more easily. Today and tomorrow. F---30!

This is what I help my f---31 clients do to earn their prospects’ trust and respect ... generate more referrals ... preempt low-priced competition ... and position themselves as f---32 experts.

Now. If you’d like to enjoy those f---33 advantages in your business, please visit my f---34 web site.

One more thing. I follow my own advice ...

Should you call me at 612-567-6642, I won’t try to f---35 sell you something, okay? 

We’ll just have a conversation about your business and how it can grow bigger, faster with strategic educational marketing like this.

Thanks for reading!

F---36 you,

Kevin Donlin

P.S. Here’s the key to all those f-words:

1. forceful   
2. fanciful   
3. Flummoxed    
4. first       
5. fiendish    
6. Fiddlesticks    
7. Fine       
8. Foolishly   
9. Facilely   
10. finally   
11. first       
12. faithful   
13. Fearlessly
14. Fickle   
15. fairly       
16. fleeting   
17. feel-good   
18. fabulous   
19. Fiscal   
20. foreign    
21. fast       
22. fitfully   
23. free       
24. finally   
25. factually   
26. Facile   
27. fantastic    
28. faithfully   
29. Fiery    
30. Finally   
31. fearless   
32. faultless    
33. favorable   
34. Friendly   
35. foolishly    
36. Favoring

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Touch Deeper, Sell More

The other day, I was in Whole Foods shopping for toothpaste. I was looking for Tom's or another brand.

But then I found -- and bought -- this. Check it out ...

You've never seen a box of toothpaste like Dr. Bronner's.

I haven't counted, but there must be at least 2,000 words of philosophical and advertising copy wrapped around that little box -- 8 typewritten pages. Maybe more.

You'll find such unique insights as:
  • “All freedom loving children hate the word Discipline! Yet, self-discipline is the key to freedom!”
  • “Absolute cleanliness is Godliness! Balanced food for body-mind-soul-spirit is our medicine!”
  • “Beavers, by family teamwork, stay alive! Building dams, surviving the toughest winters without any welfare help to enjoy life!”
Lots of companies talk about vision or mission, but Dr. Bronner's lays it all out for you, right there on the box. Once you start reading, it's hard to put the thing down. So I bought it.

But this is not about philosophy. This is about building your business.

So, think like Dr. Bronner and do this: Take a look at everything of yours that clients and prospects touch. Your business card, envelopes, invoices, stationery, etc.

Then ask yourself: Are you using every available bit of "real estate" to build your business?

Examples ...

1) Advertise on the back of your envelopes, like my client Bill Gough does (see below)

2) Put testimonials, an offer (or both!) on the back of your business card (see below)

3) Turn an ordinary letter into an experience by mailing it in a box, or a tube (see below)

You get the idea.

No matter how you're "touching" people in your business, you could do it more deeply and effectively, simply by adding more to it or changing the packaging.
Best part: This need not cost an arm and a leg. Not at all. All you need is a little creative thinking.

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