Monday, May 4, 2015

American Pharoah: The Big Payoff of the Slight Edge

Did you see the Kentucky Derby?

American Pharoah won by less than a length.

Take a look at the photo below ...

That picture is incredibly important for you and your business because it illustrates the principle of the Slight Edge.

You see, American Pharoah won by just a slight edge over the #2 horse. But he took home a LOT more money.

How much more? Check it out ...

1. American Pharoah - $1,240,000 payoff

2. Firing Line - $400,000 payoff

That's a difference of $840,000 -- more than three times as much.

Is American Pharoah three times faster or better than Firing Line? Of course not. He was just a little bit better. He had a slight edge.

Is that fair? No.

Is that life? Yes.

All you need is just a slight edge over the other guy ... and you can take home a paycheck that’s so much bigger, it’s almost unfair.

Tip: Always be looking for tools, ideas, and strategies that can give you a slight edge in your business.

Because you don't have to be three times better to take home a three times bigger paycheck. You just have to be better, period.

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