Friday, January 31, 2020

Don't Be a Dick

Brian Tracy once told a small coaching group I was in words to this effect: "The higher up you go in any good company, the nicer the people are, generally speaking."

I've found that to be true.

Talking today to a very successful CEO who is both a client and a business partner, I was struck by an offhand comment he made, describing his management style: "Don't be a dick."

And I realized that, "Don't be a dick" is a personal version of the Google corporate code, "Don't be evil."

Which makes you think ...

... especially when you see how much success Google has had at not being evil -- and not always succeeding.

So, try it.

Don't be a dick.

If you're currently not a dick, I'm sure you'll agree -- it's a way of life that pays.

If you are a dick, however, try going "dick free" for the next 7 days and see where it takes you.

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