Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How To Make Your Marketing Remarkable

One way to stand out in a crowded marketplace is to be remarkable.

Seth Godin writes about this in Purple Cow, of course. The subtitle of the book is Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable.

What does that mean? If your business is remarkable, people are remarking about you -- you are making people talk. It's that simple.

Example: Here's a screen shot of an email from a prospect, Matt, remarking about my marketing. It's a photo he took of the thank-you note I mailed him ...

Hey, that makes me remarkable!

Not to brag, but when's the last time you sent a letter to a prospect and that prospect emailed you a picture of it, along with a nice comment?

Lesson: If your business makes people talk, it's remarkable. And you are farther along the path to success than the legions of businesses that are unremarkable, which go unnoticed and un-patronized.

One way to be remarkable is to deliver service that delights your clients -- faster, better, cheaper than they expected. Another way is to solve problems for clients -- faster, better, cheaper than they expected.

And, of course, you can be remarkable if you say ordinary things in remarkable ways. Like "Thank you" written in a note, mailed with a stamp.

Really, this ain't rocket surgery.

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