Thursday, January 5, 2012

Free Marketing Dashboard: More Profits Made Simple

Want to improve your marketing in 2016 -- and beyond?

Fact: You can't improve what you don't measure.

Problem: You, like all mammals, probably hate tracking the data that goes into marketing. So you don't measure your marketing. Which makes it difficult to improve.

Solution: Why not try my Marketing Dashboard?

It's a Google Document that I created for my own use, but I'm happy to share it with you. It's an easy way to improve your marketing, by making it easy to measure it ...

... so you can do more of what makes you money, and less of what doesn't.

Also: it's FREE. Gratis. No cost.

First, take a look at a screen cap, below ...

The Marketing Dashboard

Here's what those columns mean ...

  • First column = days and dates. Duh.

  • Connects Offered/Given = the number of networking connections I offered to or actually made for clients and prospects each day. There's no easier way to start a sales conversation with a prospect than to offer them a networking connection.

  • Pro. Emails = emails sent to prospects, either in reply to inquiries from them (reactive) or to follow up and provide more reasons to like and buy from me (proactive).

  • Pro. Convos. = conversations by phone or in person with prospects.

  • Client Convos. = conversations by phone or in person with clients.

  • Quotes Sent = price quotes sent by email to prospects, after we have had a sales conversation by phone or in person.

  • YES Rec'd = prospects who said yes, they want to buy.

  • Pymt Rec'd = checks or credit card orders received that day.

  • TOTAL at the bottom = results vs. quotas for the week

    (10 of 10 = good ... 3 of 5 = bad).

I filled out the first week of January for you on the example, and left the next week blank for you to insert your own quotas. And, of course, feel free to modify any or all parts to suit your needs.

Want to download your free copy? No opt-in or anything -- just click here.

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