Friday, October 4, 2019

How to Make $7.5 Million an Hour

It all started about 7 years ago.

That's when I met a well-known marketing expert. He's a thought leader. An author. A "guru to the gurus" type guy. We'll call him Ed.

Ed gave a speech at a conference I attended in Cleveland. The room went wild. We loved his talk.
During the break, I stepped onto an elevator to go to my room. There was one other person inside -- Ed.

As the door closed, I had about 30 seconds for a literal elevator pitch before we reached our floors.
But I didn't talk about me. Instead, I simply told him that I loved his talk, told him why, and then asked him a few pointed questions. After reaching our floor, we struck up a nice conversation for about 2 minutes.

A few weeks later, Ed referred a new client to me. I did very good work. So Ed referred another client. And another. And another ...

To date, Ed and his referrals have totaled more than $252,000 in revenue -- and counting.
And by my 6th grade math, the $252,000 I got after that 2-minute conversation works out to ...

$7,560,000 an hour.

Which goes to show: Every person you meet and every chance encounter has the power to deliver referrals -- and life-changing revenue for your business.

But if you're walking through life with your head down, checking your "smart" phone, you can easily miss out on those million-dollar opportunities.

So, when you're out in the real world, don't be a million miles away on your cell phone. Be there, where you are. Keep your eyes open and be fully present.

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