Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Cookie Stick Letter -- Sweet Way to Boost Profits

I've written before about the importance of "stick" letters.

Stick letters are something you send by MAIL (not email, not text) to clients to thank them for their purchase, allay buyer's remorse, and thus help them "stick" with you.

One of my very smart clients, Ryan Skalla, has developed a new and yummy twist on the stick letter for his real estate investment firm.

I call it The Cookie Stick Letter.

How does it work?

According to Ryan, "Anytime I make a sale, I get a contract, or somebody says yes on the phone, they get a basket of Mrs. Fields’ cookies delivered from me.

"That gift actually gets delivered before they get the escrow documents from my title company. And when I order online, I can add a personalized message, like 'Thank you for selling me your rental property.'"

Pretty neat, eh? And Ryan's clients? They're delighted.

"Since I started doing it, several people have written testimonials that said, 'Thank you for the cookies!' so I know it’s making an impact," he says.

This kind of post-sale followup is critically important in the emotional and volatile world of real estate. Anything you can do to build trust with clients is a big plus. And Ryan's doing it with cookies.

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