Tuesday, March 1, 2022

How to Make March a Leap Month

Today is March 1, not February 29.

So it's not a leap month right?


You can make March -- or any month -- into a leap month, by adding another day to it.

All you need do is recapture 24 hours of lost time this month. It's like giving yourself an an extra day to do whatever you want.

And I'll pay you $50 if I'm wrong ;-)

Let me explain.

First, take a look at the graphic below ...

It's a screen shot of my cell phone's screen time for the week of February 20. For those 7 days, I used my phone for a total of 32 hours and 55 minutes, or 4:42 a day, on average.

And I'm sure you'll agree: We all use our cell phones too much, right?

To be blunt, every hour spent on your cell is an hour you're not living in the real world.

In my view, every hour of cell phone use I can recapture is an extra hour of real life -- not a virtual (fake!) life watching viral videos, reading politicized "news," checking social media for the 17th time today, etc.


If you agree that an hour offline beats an hour staring at your phone, then the task is simple: Replace screen time on your phone with time in the real world.

It's easier than you think.

Here's how: Simply measure your screen time for one week, then reduce it by 6 hours next week.

When you save 6 hours a week over 4 weeks, you recapture 24 hours to live in the real world.

You add an extra day of real living to this month.

You create your own leap month, on demand.

Bonus: That extra day is 33% more valuable, because you're not sleeping for 8 hours. You're alive for the whole 24 hours.

But don't believe what I say.

Watch what I do.

Come back to this post on Sunday, March 6 and see my updated screen time for this week.

If my Total Screen Time isn't 26 hours 55 minutes or less, I'll PayPal $50 to each of the first 5 people who call me out here.

Meanwhile, if this idea of replacing virtual time with real time intrigues you even a tiny bit, you can start tracking Screen Time on your phone today. Because what gets measured gets improved, almost automatically.

Until then, I hope you accept this "Leap Month Challenge" and recapture 6 hours from your cell phone this week ...

UPDATE: Today is March 6 and my little experiment was a success. Take a look ...

Instead of the planned 6 hours, I reclaimed 11 hours and 30 minutes of time from my cell phone last week. Which puts me on pace to get back an extra 46 hours in March -- nearly two full days of life.

Now, you may ask yourself: What's the big deal? 

What did I do with that extra time? 

How did I benefit? 

My answer is simple: How does it feel when you stop banging yourself in the head with a hammer?


That's how it feels to reduce my screen time by 11:30 for a week. I feel BETTER about every single area of my life -- from fitness and personal relationships to productivity and my self-esteem.

From a financial perspective, I know for certain that I made more money last week. It's axiomatic. Because I value my time at work at $1,000 an hour. And of those 11:30 I saved, at least 5 of them were working hours. Which adds up to $5,000 of time that I didn't throw away reading news headlines or checking email on my phone, to name just two.

Meanwhile, I quickly finished a sales letter for my business that had been stagnant for weeks, in part of those reclaimed 11 hours and 30 minutes. And that's just one project. There were others.

I certainly did make March a "leap month" for myself. I hope you found this experiment helpful, too.

Now, may I ask a quick favor?

If you'd like to go deeper on this subject of getting more life from the same hours each day ...

... would you comment below and say YES?

Here's why I'm asking.

If someone stole your wallet, you'd be angry, right?

You would also call the cops.

So ... why don't people get angry or call for help when they're robbed of something much more valuable than money -- their time?

You can always make more money.

But you can never make more time.

That's why I wrote this article on making March a "leap month." To help you recapture 24 hours of lost time from your cell phone this month.

This idea of living a "leap life" is something I've been researching and working on since ... 1994. You might call it an obsession :-)

Anyway, I'm putting together a pilot program, at NO cost and NO obligation, to help busy people like you recapture an extra 24-48 hours every month.

If you're at all interested in the program, which is FREE and at NO obligation, please write YES! in the comments below ... and I'll send you the details.

A wise teacher once told me: "If you live the same day twice, you've just wasted one day of your life." Why not live today differently? And avoid wasting another day of your life? 

It's as simple as deciding to reclaim the hours that your cell phone is stealing from you every day. Just reply YES! in the comments below ... and I'll send you the details.

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