Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nimble Marketing from a Big Company - GotoWebinar Thank You

Pop quiz: What comes in those small, square envelopes you get in the mail?

Answer: Good news.

Usually, it's a party invitation or a thank-you note.

Either way, good news.

Never a subpoena, a bill, or a letter from your ex-wife's attorney. Those come in #10 business envelopes.

Sending thank-you notes to your clients may be the best use of a first-class stamp I can think of.

That's why it's always puzzled me ... why don't more small businesses send more thank-you notes?

Think about it: If you know there's something your clients want, and you can give it to them at a very low cost ... why don't you?

Now. Want to know something more puzzling?

A very big company just sent me a thank-you note (pictured above). It's from Gotowebinar, signed by my account rep, Kristen.

Hey, Kristen -- way to go. You've added a personal element to an otherwise big, impersonal company. I will return the favor by remaining your client, giving you thousands of dollars in business in the coming months.

That's a nice ROI on a 44-cent stamp.

But this is the puzzling part -- if a business giant like Gotowebinar can mail out handwritten thank-you notes, why can't you?

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  1. Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for the kind words. Funny thing, I have been trying to teach my two children the importance of sending Thank You notes. After sharing your article with them, my youngest said:

    “Hey Mom, does that mean if we send a thank you note to Grandma, she will put more money in our Birthday cards?”
    My response “I am not sure, but it certainly couldn’t hurt”

    Thanks for helping me drive the message home!
    Wishing you continued success….

  2. Wow, that's always a great one. Way to go Kristen! I always try to advocate (usually to no avail) to clients to send hand-written thank you notes or even birthday or Christmas cards to keep in touch with customers. I'll definitely be sending this article out to them.