Monday, January 2, 2012

Win, Profit, Repeat

Think of a day when you made a lot of money in your business.

What did you do? 

Did you:
  • Give a seminar in a hotel that produced 23 high-profit sales?
  • Call to follow up on an emailed project quote and make the sale over the phone?
  • Meet 3 referred prospects for coffee in one afternoon and sell two of them?
Now that you've identified at least one big-money day in your past, try something radical: Do it again.

If your last big payday was a seminar, for example, schedule your next seminar today -- even if you're not ready. Deadlines have a wonderful way of forcing you to take action ... especially if you're paying to rent the room for your seminar.

If your last big sale came after making a follow-up phone call, pick up the phone and make a follow-up call today. Better: make 5 calls.

If your last big payday came when you sold 2 of 3 prospects over coffee, why not invite both of those new clients meet each other -- and ask them to bring a friend? And re-invite that prospect you didn't sell before?

You get the idea. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel, at least for today.

Identify your last big success, then do it again:
  • do what you did, 
  • wear what you wore, 
  • go where you were, and 
  • say what you said.
Cloning your best efforts is one way to clone your best clients.

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