Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Which Super Bowl Ad Won? That Question is Idiotic. Here's Why

Which Super Bowl ad won?

You know, which ad was most creative, made you laugh/cry/cringe the most?

Who cares?

Those questions are idiotic. Because they miss the whole point of advertising.

Advertising is selling, multiplied. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Because people don't buy from clowns. And you can't put awards in the bank.

You advertise to increase your sales. Period.

So ... which Super Bowl ad won?

The one that sold the most.

And here's the thing. Only a few smart advertisers can tell you how much their ad sold. Most will rely on agency awards or likes on Facebook to judge the "success" of their ad.


So check the news in a few weeks for stories about whose sales are up as a result of their Super Bowl ad. There won't be much news, I promise you. Because there aren't many smart advertisers. But those guys and gals who did sell more from their Super Bowl ads will be the real winners.

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1 comment:

  1. You said it! If you want to blow $1 million on a super bowl ad, give me the money and I'll not only get you more customers, I'll be your friend, too. That's better than a sock puppet.