Monday, January 6, 2014

Want Competitors to Refer Business to You? Thank Them! How to Grow Your Business With Gratitude (Day 15 of 15)

This final post in this Thank-You Marketing series is a lesson within a lesson on how to get more referrals.

Take a look at my thank-you note below, written to a fellow copywriter here in the Twin Cities ...

Digby is one of about a half dozen copywriters I know pretty well and have referred business to.

What? Send my leads to another copywriter?

Of course. I do it all the time. You should, too.

Because no matter what your business or how versatile you are, there will always be projects you can't or won't want to do. You can either turn those leads out into the cold with a simple rejection, or say something like this: "My expertise doesn't match with your needs, but I know a guy/gal you should talk to ..." Then send your lead to a competitor whom you know and trust.

Your prospect will appreciate your help steering them to another vendor -- and possibly refer a more-suitable person or project to you later.

Your competitor will appreciate your sending them a lead -- and probably refer a person or project to you later.

That's a win-win in any book.

Bonus: If you have a network of super-cool competitors to refer to you, as I do, they might send you thank-you gifts in the mail, as Digby did. He sent me a copy of Gary Vaynerchuk's The Thank You Economy as a thank-you for my latest referral to him ...

... which makes it about 100% likely that I will continue to send referrals his way.

Meanwhile, if you want to put an end to "feast or famine" syndrome in your business, my free Client Cloning Kit can help. It's not some cheapo download -- this is a real business-building kit you can hold in your hands.

Grab your free copy now, while they last.

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