Friday, November 14, 2014

The Death of Free Consultations and Ezines

Do you sell consulting, coaching, or professional services?

If so, you probably offer a free consultation and/or a free ezine on your web site.

One word: STOP. As in, "Stop doing that. Now."

Here's why. Google your competitors. Look at their websites. Look at what they're offering. See any patterns?

If you're like 90% of the consultants, coaches, or service professionals I talk to, your competitors are all offering a Free Consultation, a Free subscription to Advice/Tips/Ezine -- or both. And you're probably doing the same thing.

Guess what?

When you and your competitors all offer the same "get acquainted" options, your prospects can't tell you apart. They will shop around for the lowest price, just as they do with other commodities, like gasoline. And you'll find yourself on a fast track to oblivion.

Instead, do two things: Give your free consultation a different name. Then, offer something besides a free ezine. 

1) Rename your Free Consultation

There are 1,001 other ways to say "Free Consultation." Renaming examples:
  • Free Options Review
  • Complimentary "Know Your Options" Review
  • Free "Know Your Options" Conversation
  • Complimentary Property Savings Analysis
  • Complimentary Revenue Outline
  • No-Cost Project Game Plan
  • No-Charge Benefit Snapshot
  • No-Cost Risk Assessment

2) Rename and repackage your Free Advice/Tips/Ezine

There are 1,001 other ways to attract leads besides a "Free Ezine." Renaming examples:
  • Free Client Cloning Kit
  • Monthly Tipsheet
  • Money-Saving Cheat Sheet
  • Profit Blueprint
  • Opportunity Blueprint
  • Profit Recovery Kit
  • Free Strategic Organizer
  • Hidden Money Finder

But don't stop at the name. Repackage your information and deliver it differently. Consider any or all of these delivery mechanisms:
  • Print and mail in an envelope, tube, or box
  • Video series on YouTube
  • Audio series on iTunes
  • Printed book
  • Printed booklet
  • Printed white paper
  • Teleseminar series
  • Webinar series

Just as a small change to the rudder can change the course of a ship by thousands of miles, these two small changes to your marketing can change the course of your business by thousands -- or millions -- of dollars.

So, stop offering Free Consultations and Free Advice/Tips/Ezine. Rename and repackage what you do.

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  1. LOLz - totally forgot that I tweeted our that photo when my Kit arrived! I'd recognize my kitchen counter anywhere!