Thursday, June 25, 2015

How To Win Clients With Speed, Shock, And Service

Every so often, a big company does something smart with their marketing that any entrepreneurial business owner can learn from.

It happened to Linda James Bennett, a Marketing Copywriter from Orlando, FL.

She got surprisingly great service, along with a "shocking" box by FedEx, both of which helped win her as a client for Quicken Loans.

And her story offers 4 powerful lessons you can use to build your business.

Here's the story ...

"I saw a TV ad for Quicken Loans on a Saturday and went to their website. I entered my phone number and within 5 minutes they called me to do an initial interview to see if they could help me," said Bennett.

Lesson #1: Speed sells. A callback within 5 minutes from any business -- of any size -- is shocking. Speed conveys two big positives about your business: You care enough to call back quickly, and you're competent enough to do so.

"After I gave them my details, they gave me a quote. On Monday I called them back and gave them the ok to get started," she said.

The process went smoothly, with many of the forms delivered online and electronically signed by Bennett. She received updates by text, email, and phone.

Lesson #2: Communicate early and often. By keeping your clients updated on what's happening and what's next, you can keep them happy and more likely to refer others, at very little cost to you.

"Once they were done, Quicken Loans called to schedule the closing for the next day. I was expecting the usual; a drive to the other side of town in rush hour traffic to close the loan, said Bennett.

“Instead, they asked what would be a convenient time for the notary come to our house to sign the documents. The notary called immediately to confirm our date and time, and arrived as promised. She was friendly, courteous, and very efficient."

Lesson #3: Deliver happiness. How you deliver the thing you sell can generate as much (or more!) word of mouth as the thing itself. By letting her choose a time and place to sign the documents, Quicken Loans exceeded expectations for Bennett. She'll probably tell others more about the service she got than her interest rate.

What happened next may shock you ...

"Ten days after closing, we received an email telling us the documents were coming. This super clever box arrived by FedEx with the closing documents inside, bound and tabbed."

Photos of that "super clever" box, also known as a "shock and awe" box, are below.

Lesson #4: Touch people memorably. In world of tweets, posts, and emails -- all of which are intangible -- it pays to show up in your prospects' mailbox or on their doorstep.

Quicken Loans took it a step further by FedExing the documents to Bennett in a fun way. By sending a "shock and awe" BOX, Quicken Loans sets the stage for doing business with them so that nobody else can stack up better.

To summarize, here are all 4 marketing lessons for you:

#1: Speed sells. Respond to qualified inquiries as fast as possible.

#2: Communicate often. Keep prospects and clients updated at every turn.

#3: Deliver happiness. How you deliver is as important as what you sell.

#4: Touch people. Find a way to make direct mail or FedEx work in your business.

These lessons are examples of what I call Marketing Multipliers -- small actions that deliver big profits. They are simple. They cost little. And you can implement them today.

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