Monday, May 23, 2011

Right Thinking, Right Results, Right Now

Back in the 1990s, one of my more-obscure marketing heroes, Chris Newton of The Results Corporation in Australia, published "The Do-It-Yourself Advertising Newsletter."

Here's part of an article Newton wrote in August 1986, with a lesson you can use today in your small business ...
Not so long back, I received a call from a small business person. He was a photographer. He was crying at the state of the economy, the lack of clients, the fact that those who DO come (particularly from a recent prize promotion) always want the cheapest portrait job, or just come to get their freebie, and so on ...

Two weeks later, I received another phone call, from another photographer ... I asked him how business was.

"Fantastic!" was his reply. He had a steady stream of good customers, and was looking to expand. I then pressed him about the [same] promotion ... was it a failure? Did people come in for their freebie, and then disappear?

"No way!" as his answer. He went on to tell me hwo he sits people down, LISTENS to their needs, shows them what might be, and confidently "helps them buy" magnificently framed portraits, of course, at higher prices.

Whereas the first photographer had a defeatest ATTITUDE, the second believed he'd win. And he did. His average sale was moer than double that of the first guy, selling the same "product." It's worth thinking about, isn't it?
Now. When a prospect visits your business -- in person or online -- what's your attitude?

Is it, "Oh, brother, I have to try to SELL this guy" ...

Or, "Oh, good, I get to HELP this guy buy."

Idea to ponder: You will almost always struggle to find the right motivation and "closing" phrases if you feel you HAVE TO SELL ...

... but it's far easier to produce a win-win outcome for all concerned when you GET TO HELP.

And it all starts in your head, not in the economy or the prospect's wallet.

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