Thursday, June 14, 2012

6 Figures in Only 30 Hours a Week?

If you've read any of my posts on 80/20 Marketing, you know that a minority of actions usually leads to a majority of your revenues.

In other words, when you ask the right questions and know the vital few activities that really matter, you can do more of what makes you money in the time you now waste doing what doesn't.

I tracked down 3 examples of smart, 80/20 uses of time from an article in OPEN Forum, featuring "entrepreneurs who work 30 hours or less per week and still make well above six figures per year."

How do they do it?

Look and learn ...

1. Time block. Travis Miller and Jimmy Vee work around 30 hours per week and take about eight weeks of vacation per year. They are co-founders of Gravitational Marketing in Orlando, Fla., and attribute their enviable work/life balance to planning ahead. Each month, they take out a calendar and color code days based on tasks; green days are dedicated to sales presentations, orange days are for client meetings, red days are for administrative duties and so on.

“It helps us be diligent with our time; otherwise we would get eaten alive by things that come up and have to work 12-hour days,” Vee says.

2. Outsource. Melanie Benson Strick hates email. When she found herself spending up to three hours per day going through messages, she looked into outsourcing inbox management. Today, Benson Strick, founder and CEO of Success Connections, a business training and coaching company in Chatsworth, Calif., spends just 30 minutes answering emails carefully selected by her virtual assistant, messages that only she can answer.
3. Love your regulars and pay for referrals. It’s much more expensive to win a new client than to please a current one, so focus on making your loyal customers happy, says Benson Strick.

Along the same line, consider instituting a referral program. Debra M. Cohen, founder of Homeowners Referral, is a big proponent of such arrangements and happily hands over a percentage of revenue to whoever referred her the business.

Good stuff.

Now. If you want to go deeeeep into the 80/20 Rule ... and use it to revolutionize your business, you might take home an extra $2.1 million. I did. And I explain how here.

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