Thursday, June 7, 2012

Why School Is Never Out For The Professional

Kevin Donlin and Dan Kennedy
It's June. Shouldn't I be writing about summer vacation?

No. Because school is never out for the professional.

Case in point: That's a picture of me with Dan Kennedy, one of the world’s premier marketers.

Last month, I invested $4,000 and 4 days "going back to school" with Dan at a small gathering of marketers in Cleveland, where that picture was taken.

A copywriter like me training with Dan is like a chef training at Le Cordon Bleu.

What did I study?

The latest and best tips for using direct mail: list rental, list segmentation, psychographics, demographics, and other fun stuff.

My goal?

To serve my clients and readers, better -- by getting smarter.

Think about it: Would you trust a doctor who didn't keep up with the latest medical research? Or a pilot who stopped taking flight simulator training? Of course not.

So, why does lifelong learning seem surprising in any other field? I have no idea. But it's a golden opportunity for you, if you seize it.

Especially if you continue to get better at those things you already do well. For me, that's marketing -- finding, getting, and keeping clients. I can't learn enough. I study before breakfast, on Friday nights, even weekends. I listen to marketing CDs in the car ... even in the shower (it's complicated).

Bottom line: It's your strengths that make you successful. In Strengths Finder, Tim Rath writes: "People have several times more potential for growth when they invest energy in developing their strengths instead of correcting their deficiencies."

This is counterintuitive. Most people work on their weak areas, hoping to learn something new or improve a basic skill. And, in life, most people are … unsuccessful.

By contrast, successful people are often unbalanced. While I haven't yet reached the pinnacle of success, I sure am unbalanced. Bookkeeping? Taxes? Graphic design? Web site geekery? Mailing this newsletter? I outsource all that stuff.

Long ago, I learned that the world's two greatest investments are self-development and marketing.

Marketing offers you unlimited opportunities to create wealth. You could spend weeks of research ... plunk down $3,000 to buy a stock ... then cross your fingers, hope and pray for a return of 15% -- 15 cents for every dollar. That's how ordinary people "invest."

Or you could invest $3,000 in a sales letter mailed to your best prospects and clients ... and reasonably expect a return of 50%, 75%, 100%, or more -- getting back $1 or more for every dollar you invest. Marketing is how smart people invest.

And I'm happy to help you with your marketing.

But when it comes to self-development, you get the best return on your investment by focusing on your strengths -- getting better at what you already do well.

So, three big questions:
  1. Where are you strong?
  2. How can you get stronger? 
  3. How soon can you start?

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