Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Don't Reinvent Your Marketing -- Nail It Down

Being from Detroit, I'm partial to the Motown sound.

You know it when you hear it, every time. Ever wonder why?

The story goes that, after lots of experimenting to find the perfect sound, the studio engineers at Motown Records nailed everything to the floor -- drum kit, amplifiers, microphone stands -- so they could keep repeating their winning formula.

If it worked for Motown, why not borrow the idea -- and "nail down" marketing success for your business?

Think of all the experimenting you do in your sales and marketing:
  • the words you speak when you first meet or call a prospect
  • the proposals you send to pitch a prospect on your business
  • the emails you send to follow up with prospects
... and every other word you say or write.

Has any of it ever worked? Have you ever produced a sale?


Now, how many of those winning formulas have you nailed down and turned into email templates, phone scripts, and proposal templates?

If your answer is "None," why not pick one area that's working and nail it down, so you can repeat your successes?

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