Monday, November 26, 2012

Free Shopping at the Belief Store

Here's a riff on a great idea I got from Brian Tracy that could change your life -- or at least a few of your beliefs ...

It starts with a simple question: Your beliefs are important, wouldn't you agree?

What you believe to be true, important, precious, good, evil -- these beliefs of yours have value. Otherwise, you wouldn't cling to them so strongly.

So, it's easy to imagine that your beliefs are important and valuable. But what if you had to pay money for new beliefs? Can you imagine that?

What if there were a Belief Store where you could buy new beliefs to install in your brain, just like buying music at iTunes to install on your smart phone.

If you had to pay big bucks for beliefs, wouldn't you shop and choose carefully?

Imagine downloading the most-valuable new belief you could afford, with the power to change your life. A belief like this one, perhaps:

"I believe that I'm going to be a BIG success in this world, and that everything that happens to me -- good or bad -- is something I can learn from and build on to reach my goals."

That's just one example of a powerful belief that could put you on the fast track to growth. There are an infinite number, of course.

But here's the exciting part: Your beliefs, which bring you everything in this world, cost you nothing. They are yours to take or leave, free of charge.

So ... your beliefs are too important to take for granted. Treat them as incredibly valuable, powerful, and essential building blocks to your success. Because they are. (And did I mention they're free?)

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