Wednesday, January 2, 2013

See and Sell - What Opportunties Are YOU Overlooking?

Do you own a wristwatch?

If so, you've probably looked at it hundreds of times, right?

It's always there, every day, right in front of your face.

Okay. Without looking, draw a quick picture of the watch face.
  • What color is it?
  • What kind of numbers -- Roman numerals or something else?
  • Is there a date? If so, where?
My prediction: You probably had a lot of trouble drawing your wristwatch.


Because there's a big difference between looking and seeing.

You may LOOK at your watch several times a day, but you probably don't SEE it in any detail.

Now. Just like a wristwatch on your hand, there are opportunities in your business -- right in front of your face. You may look at them every day, but do you see them?

Take time this week to really SEE what's going on in your business:
  • Are there prospects who dropped off the face of the earth last year who might still need what you're selling? Why not review your database and SEE for yourself?
  • Are there clients who've purchased once or twice from you, who would benefit from more? Why not email 3 clients and SEE for yourself?
  • Can you bundle two or more products/services together and offer them at a special price? Why not promote this new bundle on your web site or newsletter and SEE for yourself?
  • Etc. etc. etc.
If you're like most of the entrepreneurs I talk to each week, there are 3-5 big opportunities in your business staring you in the face, right now. Take time to look -- and SEE. You may be very happy at what you find.

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