Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Strange "Non-Email" That Outperforms Email by 350%

Our operative, identity and location secret,
holding a copy of the strange "Tactile Email"
That's me, holding a secret copy of the incredibly valuable "Tactile Email."

And you might qualify for one -- if you hurry.

Here's the story: If you currently use email to prospect for new clients -- and if one new client is worth at least $500 to your business -- this is for you.

I'm writing to you because I've developed a new way to use email ...

... and it gets nearly 350% better response than standard email, based on my experience profiting from it for nearly 6 years now.

In fact, I've used this simple 1-page "Tactile Email" to get:
  • high-value prospects to call me back (including the publisher of a financial newsletter with 1.5 million readers)
  • help from promotional partners (including a busy editor who called me and then featured 2 of my articles in her magazine -- I can show them to you when we talk)
  • a sales meeting with a Fortune 500 VP
  • responses from incredibly hard-to-reach people, like Seth Godin. He called me after getting a "Tactile Email" and left a voicemail to thank me
Now, stop and think.

What would it mean to your business if 350% more of your marketing emails got opened?

Here's what: Your open rates would skyrocket, from 20% (about average for business emails) to 90% (the typical open rates I've seen with my new "Tactile Email").

All you need do is send 5 or 10 of these a week and you will see results. You will get calls or email replies from at least 10 more prospects than you would have otherwise.

And if you're any good at what you do, you will add at least 2 new clients to your business this month that you never would have otherwise, at least 24 extra clients his year -- or more if you're really ambitious.

Do the math. What would 24 new clients this year be worth to you? $12,000? $25,000? $110,000? More?

And what if you could try this new type of email for only $1? 

That's right -- a buck.

Because I've been writing "Tactile Emails" for 6 years now, I can quickly write one for your business. You could start getting more calls from prospects just 3 business days from today.

If it works, you will gladly pay my full fee of $995. But only after it brings you at least 2 new clients or $1,000 in new revenue from the prospects and clients you already have.

If it doesn't work, you won't be out a penny -- I'll refund your $1 deposit and you'll be in the same position you are now.

Look, you've invested hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to build your business. Odds are, you don't have the ability, the understanding, or the time to persuade more of your prospects and clients to respond to your marketing messages.

But I do. It's what I do.

And I would love to create a "Tactile Email" that brings you at least 24 new clients this year, with NO extra advertising on your part. Just mail out the one-page message I'll write, based on your unique situation, and then start getting more phone calls and emails from prospects who are often laughing when they call you (I'll explain this happy side effect when you and I talk).


If so, we should talk. But ONLY if you meet these 3 qualifications:

1) You use email to prospect for new clients
2) One new client is worth at least $500 to your business
3) You can mail 5-10 letters a week that I write for you (with the envelope and stamps I recommend -- they're part of the secret that I'll reveal)

If you qualify, take action TODAY and let's set up a 20-minute Discovery Conversation, to answer your questions and see if this is right for you.

Of course, there will be NO cost, NO obligation, and NO sales pressure.

In fact, when we talk, I'll probably give you at least one idea that you can profit from right away, whether or not we do business together. It happens all the time. Like the phone call I did with D -- her thank-you note from that conversation below:

Do this: Click here to schedule a "Tactile Email" Discovery Conversation with me by phone. Or send me an email and suggest 3 days/times that work for you. I'll reply by email to confirm our time.

PLUS ... if you're one of the first 3 people to schedule a call with me, I'll send you a Free $5 Starbucks gift card after we're done. Hurry -- I've got only 3 Free Starbucks gift cards and they will run out. Here they are:

By the way, here's what this "Tactile Email" is NOT -- it's not traditional direct mail or so-called lumpy mail. It's not a thank-you note, a postcard, a FedEx Letter, or Send Out Cards. There are no pictures or "grabbers" (like dollar bills) involved.

It's none of that.

I know, it sounds crazy. But I've been quietly using this strange "Tactile Email" myself for the last 6 years, and I've only now figured out how to reproduce it on a larger scale for people like you.

Don't miss out. The call with me is free. So is your Starbucks $5 gift card, if you're one of the first 3 people. I hope to hear from you today, before it's too late.

Here's what to do now: Click here to schedule a "Tactile Email" Discovery Conversation with me by phone. Or send me an email and suggest 3 days/times that work for you. I'll reply by email to confirm our time. 

Kevin Donlin
Marketing Strategist + Copywriter
Client Cloning Systems

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