Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Best Sales Advice - Letter from Brian Tracy

I'm a simple guy, so here's a simple article on sales ...

Last week, I wrote Brian Tracy asking him, "What's the best sales advice you ever got?" He was kind enough to send the handwritten reply below ...

It reads:


The best sales advice I ever got was: Rejection is not personal! Four out of five, or 9 of 10 people will say No to your approach or your offering, but it is not personal. The fact is that the more "No's" you get, the more "Yes's" you get as well.

Good luck!


Brian's advice is, of course, spot on. It's easy to get down when sales are slow. I've been there. You, too? But by plowing through more No's, you will invariably get more Yes's. Coming from Brian Tracy, this idea should motivate you to keep going.

And by answering my question with a handwritten note, he proved something else that he once said: The higher up you go in any organization of value, the nicer the people are.
What will you do with this sales advice from Brian?

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