Monday, September 8, 2014

Speak Your Own Language, Write Your Own Check

What's the easiest way to stand out in any market?

Be known.

You can be known as the biggest, fastest, or best at what you do. That’s a great way to stand out.

But here’s another way to avoid comparisons and sidestep the competition: Speak your own language.

  • Countless restaurants sell hamburgers, but only one sells a Big Mac. McDonald’s speaks their own language, which also includes Happy Meals, Quarter Pounders, etc.
  • There are countless colas on earth, but only one Uncola. 7-Up speaks its own language.
  • There are countless motivational speakers, but only one irritational speaker, Larry Winget. He speaks his own language.
So, if you find yourself one of countless businesses, consultants, or service professionals -- and you want to stand out -- speak your own language.

Start small, but powerfully, with just one phrase: a new name for the free sample you offer to prospective clients. Because “Free Consultation” is about as powerful as hamburger, cola, or motivational speaker -- not much.

To create a new name and speak your own language, you could offer a:
  • Free Skull Session
  • Complimentary Brainstorm
  • Free Game Plan
  • No-Cost Cash Flow Conversation
Call it what you will, just call it anything but a free consultation. Otherwise, you’re saying what everybody else is saying, which makes it look like you’re selling what everybody else is selling. There’s a word for that sort of thing: commodity.

If your product or service is seen as a commodity, prospective buyers will compare you to other commodities. You will have to compete on price. And your life will suck.

Life is too short to suck.

Spend the time and effort to create a unique name for your free sample. Speaking your own language is one of the easiest ways to differentiate your business. And write your own check.

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