Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How to Make Your Business Remarkable

Want clients for life? People who buy from your business again and refer others?

One way to get them is to make your business remarkable, so that clients literally remark about you to their friends.

And if you want a simple way to become remarkable -- and create clients for life -- try this: If you sell a service, give away a product; if you sell a product, give away a service. Examples:

Service --> Product
  1. Give clients an unexpected PRODUCT with the service, like a cookie, book, or gift card. Example: The maid who puts a mint on your pillow after making up your room is remarkable
  2. Mail them a printed monthly newsletter. Don't have time to write one? Mail a copy of a helpful article, with a 5-word sticky note: "Saw this, thought of you." (If you don't have time for that, you don't have a business -- you have a hobby.)
  3. Mail a "Quick Start Guide" or a "What to Expect" report after the first order

Product --> Service
  1. Give clients an unexpected SERVICE with the product, like coaching or answering questions. Example: The web site that gives you free express shipping with your product is remarkable
  2. Call to thank clients after every order, and ask what their #1 question is going forward. Answer that question (and listen for upsell and referral signals)
  3. Refer clients to other vendors who can fill their needs for products/services you don't provide (which makes you a center of influence -- and makes you remarkable)
None of this is rocket surgery, by the way. You don't need 1,000 Facebook likes or a $30,000 web site overhaul to make it work. Just a little creative thinking. Thinking -- that's a remarkable feat which, by itself, can make your business remarkable.

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