Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Huge ROI of Increased Conversions

Today, January 1, is the start of a new year.

It's also the start of Financial Wellness Month, so you will hear a lot about finance and wealth.

Here's a sure-fire way to improve your finances: get richer, faster, with what I call The Best Investment on EarthTM.

That would be marketing.

The real estate market can and does collapse. So do stocks. Investment gurus can and will take your money.

That's why Marketing is The Best investment on EarthTM. Because, done correctly, the marketing of your business is a money making asset that pays you back more than you pay in, just like a share of stock, real estate property, or a piece of capital equipment.

What's nice about it is you can control the entire process. You don't have to bet on a hedge fund or give money to someone like Bernie Madoff who runs off with it.

And here's a way to improve your marketing and invest in yourself at ZERO risk: increase your conversions. Because anything you can do to convert more of the leads you've already paid for into clients who pay you will deliver an enormous return on investment.

Let's say you have 100 leads that it cost you about $1,000 to generate.

And let's say you currently convert about 2% of them into clients who pay you $1,000 each over their buying lifetime. So, from your $1,000 investment in marketing, you get back 2 new clients who pay you $2,000.

Now let's say you increase your conversion rate from 2% to 3%. First, congratulate yourself: going from 2% to 3% is actually a 50% increase  in conversions, so get happy. But more importantly, you now get 3 clients instead of 2 clients -- an extra $1,000 from that same initial $1,000 investment. Your ROI just shot up from 200% to 300%.

How do you increase conversions? It can be as simple as testing:
  • a new headline in your ad or on your web page
  • a new opening in your phone script
  • a new closing in your sales presentation
  • a better offer
  • new payment terms
  • a better guarantee, etc.

NONE of the above ideas is high-cost. Most are low-cost or NO-cost. That's the beauty of increased conversions. By getting more sales from the leads you already have, you mine a seam of gold, hidden in your business, that NONE of your competitors can ever see or steal from you. Your only cost is a bit of time and effort, systematically invested, to test new ideas.

Now. If your business is doing at least $100,000 in revenue, my Free Client Cloning Kit can give you a slight edge -- and then some. It's NOT another download. This is a real business-building kit you can hold in your hands. Grab yours now, while you can.

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