Friday, April 10, 2015

How to Beat Low-Price Competitors: A Tale of Two Pizzas

You're looking at an A+ example of how to sew seeds of doubt in the minds of prospects about low-priced competition.

This example is so powerful, it merits careful study.

Here's the story ...

I just got back from spending 5 nights at a very nice hotel in Orlando, with guests from all over the world. Fantastic place.

The color flyer in the bottom of the picture was shoved under our door almost every night. It offered two pizzas at roughly half the price of room service pizzas. Losing those sales must have annoyed the hotel.

So they did something to totally undercut the cheaper competition.

See that headline, "Not all pizzas are created equal"? That's from a sign posted on the inside of the door in our room. You can't miss the sign. I didn't.

And when I read the part that many local pizza joints are "fraudulent and engage in the criminal practice of identity and credit card theft" ... I suddenly had ZERO interest in saving a few bucks by calling out for pizza. We dined at the hotel. Every night.

Moral: Low price ain't everything.

If you face cheap competitors who are "eating your lunch," fight back. Sow seeds of doubt in the mind of your prospects. Use this headline as a template: "Not all ____ are created equal."

If you can educate buyers and tell them about potential fraud, poor quality, or other negatives -- and help them make a smart buying decision that features your business -- you can turn the tables and win more sales. Price won't matter.

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