Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Person-to-Person Marketing in a Box

This is a very special unboxing of a very special something -- a CARE package I got from Brian Kurtz.

Back story: I attended Brian's Titans of Marketing event in 2014 and exchanged emails with him after. He included one of my productivity tips in his blog. I mailed him a thank-you note and he emailed me back, offering to send me a thank-you gift by mail.

What I got was ... huge. Awesome. Incredible. Watch the video to see me unbox it all.

To a copywriter like me, this stuff is priceless.

Here's the thing: Brian is teaching a super valuable lesson here on the art of P2P -- person-to-person -- marketing. 

Forget B2B or B2C marketing. In the end all marketing is really P2P -- person to person.

Brian Kurtz, a person, has just delivered an outrageous and totally unexpected amount of value to me, a person. And I want the whole world to know about it. That’s why I did this impromptu video and I'm even paying to drive traffic to it. This is what raving fans do.

Key: Brian invested time and attention to assemble all the parts of this package, hand-write the note to me, and put it in the mail. He could have outsourced it to a fulfillment house, but that would have been a package from a business, not a person. And I wouldn't be making this video.

You cannot buy the kind of raving fandom that I'm showing here. You cannot outsource it, either. 

But you can make an impact on others -- and spread your influence far and wide -- simply by making a direct, valuable, personal connection to another person today.

This is simple, but not easy. Yet Brian did it. Big time.

By the way ...

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