Friday, February 5, 2016

Do What THEY Love And The Money Will Follow

You've heard it said, "Do what you love and the money will follow."

But here's another version that may be more profitable for your business: "Do what THEY love and the money will follow."

It's true.

If your clients love it and they want it, you should deliver it. IF it's within reason, legal, ethical, and won't drive you crazy.

Case in point: This video.

I'm a writer. I'm not a TV personality or an extrovert. I hate making videos.

I’d rather have my teeth drilled at the fifty yard line of the Superbowl, by a dental hygienist who looks like Ernest Borgnine and is wearing boxing gloves, than make a video.

But my clients -- the people who put a roof over my head and a clean shirt on my back -- LOVE watching videos.

So, because it's within reason, legal, ethical, and won't drive me (too) crazy, I've learned to love making videos.

And, by the way, after making more videos than ever last year ... I had my best year in business. Recession and collectivist politicians be damned. Video ain't so bad.

Moral: Find out what your clients love. Give it to them. Even if, at first, you hate it. Because you may learn to love it.

And this is important: All growth comes beyond your comfort zone. Growth is, by definition, uncomfortable. Making videos has forced me to grow -- intellectually and profitably.

As a result, I actually love making videos. Go figure.

One last thing: Do you own a business?

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