Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Is Delay Killing Your Business?

There I was last Friday, credit card in hand, trying to give someone my money.

The price? $1,500.

The impetus for my order?

I had already bought one product from a renowned marketing guru, for $199, and was very satisfied. When the product arrived by mail, out fell brochure with a 20%-off coupon code, good for anything in her catalog.

Smart! She knew that the easiest sale to make is to an existing customer.

And she was about to make a second sale to me, for $1,200 ($1,500 minus that 20%). Good for her.

So, I went online and tried to use the discount code in her shopping cart. But the code failed to work. After two tries, I gave up.

Strike one.

I picked up the phone and called the customer service number listed on her site. It was at least two hours before her company was scheduled to close.

But, instead of reaching a live operator to take my to order, I got voicemail. The message? "This mailbox is full. Please try your call again later."

Strike two. And three.

The owner of this business, despite being an outstanding marketer, didn't get the memo.

The memo reads as follows: "Your customers don't give you three strikes any more, if they ever did. Today, when time and money are at an all-time premium, it's two strikes and you're out. Or maybe just one strike. Thanks for playing."

Now. I'm not refusing to buy from this company because I feel slighted.

I'm not buying because delay is the enemy of any sale.

And, after a few hours of forced delay to think about my $1,200 purchase, I suddenly found a myriad of reasons not to make the buy:
  • I don't have time to use the product;
  • I have other books that I could re-read at no cost and profit from just as much;
  • I could better use that money elsewhere in my business;
  • Etc. etc.
Am I right or am I wrong? Doesn't matter. I'm not buying.

Your customers are just as (ir)rational as I am.

Forced to endure a frustrating buying process with your business, your customers will think thoughts similar to mine. They will take their money and go home.

And you will be out that sale.

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