Monday, August 2, 2010

Copywriting Tip: The Unspoken Benefit

This is an example of how an "unspoken benefit" can sell your product.

By unspoken benefit, I mean the most fundamental reason someone is buying what you sell. It may be buried deep down in their psyche, but it's there.

In the case of this sunblock, that unspoken benefit is Anti-Aging.

Think about it: Who wants to age? Nobody. Who would like to look younger? Everybody.

While every other sun block product on the store shelf touted benefits like "waterproof" or "long lasting" this was the *only* one I saw that used anti-aging as a benefit.

And this is the one my wife bought, without any coaxing from me.

Now. Think about whatever it is that you're selling in your advertisements. What is the unspoken benefit -- the real reason anyone will buy, so basic and instinctive that they may not be able (or willing) to say it out loud?

Tip: To find the unspoken benefit in what you're selling, ask "Why?" until you get to the bottom. Example ...

1) Why would you buy this sunblock?

To protect my skin from the sun's UV rays.

2) Why?

To prevent wrinkles.

3) Why?

Because wrinkly skin looks old.

4) Why?

Because I want to look young.

5) Why?

Because I don't want to age!!

In most cases, when you reach one or more exclamation points, you've reached the unspoken benefit :-)

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