Friday, August 6, 2010

Smart Marketing - Tria Thank You Note

It's amazing how much time and money business owners spend chasing after new clients, when their current clients are a rich vein of gold -- hidden from the competition -- waiting to be mined.

Imagine how your revenue would grow if every client bought just once more this year and referred one more person like them to your business.

You would get more sales and more ideal clients -- without advertising.

Example: Not only does TRIA Orthopaedic Center, in Bloomington, MN have concierge-level service unlike any hospital you've ever been to, they also mail patients a thank-you card signed by everyone who met or treated you, including the doctors(!).

It reads, in part: "Thank you for choosing TRIA for your surgery. We hope you are having a successful recovery and that your stay with us was over the top. If you think of anything we could do to improve our services, please contact an Ambulatory Surgery leader at 952-111-2222 or via e-mail."

What a great way to generate referrals and word of mouth.

As an aging (45 years and counting) orthopedic accident waiting-to-happen (I play baseball against 35-year-olds and former pros), TRIA is now top of mind with me, and I will recommend them to my teammates (two of whom need surgery this year).

The cost for all this free advertising? Less than 50 cents and a few minutes of time to print/sign.

Can a Google Adwords ad make your clients smile?

Do your clients print and file your emails in a special place, the way most people treat thank-you notes?

So: Have you thanked your clients by mail this week?

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