Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Marketing Baked In -- How Can You Do This?

In a world of ordinary candies competing for "mouthshare," XYLISH -- a stylish mint -- goes first for the eyes, then the tongue. And wins.

The photo doesn't do justice to this gorgeous box -- the metallic sheen has enough luster to attract a silversmith from across a crowded room.

Where can you buy XYLISH? Not at the corner store, probably. It's sold only in Japan, as far as I know. (My wife's friend brought it from Tokyo last week.)

You could say this product comes with the marketing "baked in."

Question: What one change can you make to your packaging this week?

How could you mail an envelope that sells your company before it's even opened?

What one change could you make to your shipping materials? Business cards? Storefront?

Oh, the mints? More please!

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