Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Marketing Test: Would You Do It Again?

One test of any marketing is this: Would you do it again?

Was it profitable enough to merit repeating? If not, you have two options:

1) change it
2) stop doing it

I got that idea walking through the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport, where there's almost always someone playing piano or harp, selling their CDs.

I realized two things:

1) I have never seen anyone buy a CD from an airport musician

2) I have never seen the same musician twice

Caveat: This observation is NOT scientific. Maybe I'm somehow blind to a revolution in airport marketing that's rocking the music world.

Still, it makes you wonder: Could these musicians be spending their marketing dollars better elsewhere?

Bottom line: Be on the lookout for marketing that repeats. Because, if you see something more than once, it's probably profitable.

Examples of marketing to watch for and learn from:

* any sales letter you get more than once
* any infomercial you see on TV for more than 30 days
* any direct-response ad that runs in Parade Magazine or other major periodical for more than 30 days (by direct-response, I mean the ad asks for the order and gives you a phone number to call or web site to visit)

If you see marketing that repeats, study it. Then emulate it in your business.

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