Saturday, April 28, 2012

How to be Remarkable: Phone Call from Seth Godin

Books have been written by better writers than I about how to deliver a remarkable experience that your clients tell others about.

One of those writers is Seth Godin.

In his book, Purple Cow, and in his blog, Seth's message is pretty simple: To be remarkable, do something worth making a remark about.

Want an example?

Listen to a remarkable voice mail I received on Friday, April 18, 2008 ...

If your speakers aren't turned up, here's a transcript:

"Kevin, it's Seth Godin. Thanks for your super-nice note. Just wanted to let you know I got it. Have a great weekend." 

That was Seth, calling to thank me for a letter I mailed him, in which I thanked him for a remarkable presentation he made at an event I attended.

Here's what I wrote to him:

Dear Seth,

I want to thank you for your presentation last Wed. at Jay Abraham's Reunion Reunion.

Your ideas were both inspirational and practical -- an ultra-rare combination.

I especially liked what you said about curiosity -- how it is essential to success and how a fundamentalist looks at the world to see how it fits what they believe, while a curious person looks and changes what they believe, as needed.

I am now paying a little more attention to how I look at the world.

Thanks again and kind regards,

Kevin Donlin

P.S. -- I'm sending you this "paper email" to make absolutely, positively sure of getting through your spam filter :-)

Turns out, my writing and mailing an out-of-the-ordinary note was remarkable enough to Seth that he called to say, "Thank you" in return.

Now, I'm remarking about Seth's remarkable action here on my blog.

See how this works?

Best part: You can start your own remarkable virtuous circle by doing something for a client today that's worth making a remark about.

Why not start by writing or saying, "Thank you"?

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  1. Cool. I guess this qualifies as remarkable too