Friday, April 13, 2012

Perfect Enemies: Why a Little Better is a Lot Better Than Not Better

You've heard it said that the perfect is the enemy of the good.

But it's worse than that ...

The perfect is the enemy of the better, and it's also the enemy of improvement.


Because, when we fret and fume over why something isn't yet perfect -- and probably never will be -- it's depressing as hell.

And depressed people don't take action to make things better. Depressed people watch TV, check Facebook, or drink coffee/beer/martinis.

So, just for the rest of today, screw perfection.

It may be the most productive thing you do all week.

Here's why: A little better is a lot better than not better.

Let's unpack that idea ...

1) "A little better is ..." making one small improvement to whatever you're doing. One small change for the better. One. Small. Improvement.

The fun part is, you may not stop at one. You may find that improving your marketing emails, customer support, blog, web site, or prospect follow-up is so enjoyable that you keep going until you create a wholesale makeover.

But you can't finish what you don't start. And starting is the hard part. So make your start small, with the goal of simply trying for a little better.

2) "... a lot better than not better" is the other side of that equation.

If the daunting goal of perfection has kept you from starting, guess what? You won't start. You won't improve.

That article you need to write, PowerPoint you have to create, or proposal you must submit won't happen by itself. Taking no action can NOT make anything better.

That's how the perfect really is the enemy of the better.

And that's why a little better is a lot better than not better.

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