Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Which Clients Should You Clone?

This blog is called "Inside Marketing" because it's faster, easier, and more profitable to grow a business from the inside. Examples:
  • Referrals from current clients will buy from you faster, easier, and more profitably than total strangers.
  • Up-selling ("Want to supersize that?") and cross-selling ("Want fries with that?") to people already buying are faster, easier, and more profitable than selling to cold prospects.
But, with power comes responsibility. Inside marketing works so well that you must pick your targets carefully.

Specifically, to build a business that's fun and profitable, you should clone only clients who are fun and profitable. Your criteria for "cloneable clients" might include the following:
  • Clients who spend a lot with you over two or more years
  • Loyal fans who refer lots of other new clients
  • Recent buyers who are likely to respond to seasonal or new product offers
  • Clients with a profitable buying pattern, such as those who have purchased 3 times in the last 3 months
However you decide which clients to clone, the important thing is to decide.

Once you form a clear picture of your ideal clients, fun things happen. Building your business becomes faster, easier, and more profitable.

But don't take my word for it ...

This week, ask 3 successful entrepreneurs to describe their ideal client in detail. You will likely get a lot of detail.

Then, ask 3 unsuccessful entrepreneurs to describe their ideal client in detail. You will likely get a lot of blank stares.

Meanwhile, know this: You can't get more clients like your best clients until you know who your best clients are.  

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