Wednesday, August 6, 2014

3 Words to Boost Your Referrals up to 900%

900% more referrals?

It's true.

You see, my client, Allstate Hall-of-Fame Agent and President of BGI Marketing Systems, Bill Gough, knows a thing or two about referrals.

He's won every possible award at Allstate. He's brought in hundreds of millions of dollars in premium for over 2,133 different insurance agencies.

He's spent 30 years and close to $910,000 on tracking results, testing, and learning.

Over the years, Bill has found ways to take referrals from 4% to nearly 40% of his new business. That's a 900% increase. Not bad.

And here's some hard-won advice I learned from Bill: A referral system starts with a referral culture.

When somebody calls your business, always ask, "Who referred you?" When you ask assumptively this way, the caller thinks that referrals are normal and expected in your business ... and that you must be doing something right to be earning them.

Extra benefit: Every time you or one of your employees asks, "Who referred you?" it strengthens your referral mindset ... which leads to more referrals. It's a virtuous circle that repeats over and over.

Your referral culture, and the tremendous gains in new business you can expect, all begin with 3 words: "Who referred you?"

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