Monday, October 1, 2012

What Are You Really Selling?

This ad from Nordic Track isn't really selling a piece of exercise equipment. That's a commodity. You can get one at Target for about $99.

No. What Nordic Track is selling is ... health.

And how much is that worth? A lot. That's why Nordic Track can charge $999.00 and more for their exercise equipment -- because people want health.

This ad from Gardners Mattress & More isn't really selling mattresses. Those are commodities. You can get one at for about $99.

No. What Gardners is selling is ... a good night's sleep.

And how much is that worth? A lot. That's why Gardners Mattress & More charges up to $18,499 for their mattress sets -- -- because people want a good night's sleep.

Now. What are you really selling? What do your clients want? How much are you charging?

Tip: You can charge more for what you're really selling than you can for what you think you're selling. But you have to know the difference. And you have to sell what people want ...

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