Monday, March 18, 2013

Can Your Ezine Do This?

Why did one reader send me this photo? The answer is below

Can your ezine do this?

Now. You may sneer and say, "Heh! See what happens when you mail a newsletter? The Postal Service mangles it."

Well, yes, there is that.

But ... when your ezine arrives in readers' email in-box, is it an event? Do they say, "Huzzah! Another ezine. Let me clear out 5 minutes from my schedule and read every word!"

Not likely. In survey after survey, people complain about getting too much email.

About this over-reliance on email, business professor Gregory Northcraft says: “Technology has made us much more efficient, but much less effective.” And I agree.

Now, contrast email with direct mail. 

Every person who gets direct mail -- which is all of us -- carves out at least 5-10 minutes a day to read it. And if your direct-mail letter gets to them and gets opened, it will get read. At that point, you have your reader's complete attention. Huzzah.

Do your ezine readers email you on a Saturday to start a fun conversation? That's how I got the picture above. My subscriber wrote: "Thought you would enjoy seeing how the Postal Service treats your mail."
Yes, the Postal Service did fold, spindle, AND mutilate my newsletter ... which would seen like a loss. 

But because my newsletter did not arrive intact, as it usually does each month, my reader wrote to let me know. This tells me that my newsletter is important (at least to this reader). And our relationship is now a little bit stronger as a result of our email discussion about the virtues of the U.S. Postal Service (which I will spare you here). 

So this incident is a win for me.

Bottom line: Your email newsletter may be more efficient than a printed newsletter, but is it more effective?

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