Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How to Make Your Marketing Extraordinary

Pop Quiz: Which has a more appealing message, your business or a box of bran cereal?

The answer may shock you.

An ordinary marketer would say this about their cereal, "We use natural bran fiber." And this is exactly what most businesses say about themselves: "Here's what we do. You figure out the value."

But Grain Berry is extraordinary (see their box at left).

They say, "A key ingredient we use ... is Grain Berry Bran. This remarkable bran is a fiber that has the added benefit of being a powerhouse of all natural antioxidants."

Then, they take it a step further and tell me what that means: "Grain Berry means great taste, dietary fiber and powerful antioxidants. We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back."

These guys take a few extra sentences to tell me the value of what they do ... and I"m sold as a result.

But more than that, Grain Berry knows their customers -- and how to appeal to them. Because anyone who buys natural cereal will be interested in fiber and antioxidants (taste, too). That appeals to me.

Plus, guaranteeing satisfaction or my money back is smart. It removes the risks if I'm a first-time customer ... which will result in more first-time customers.

You should study the rest of the copy, "What does ORAC Value Mean." It's just as appealing and delivers more reasons why I should buy this cereal.

But for now, here's an easy way to make your web site, business card, sales letter, postcard, or social media profile instantly more compelling -- and extraordinary.

Do this: Rewrite this section from the cereal box: "____ means ___, ___ and _____. We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back."

  • "ABC Mechanical means fast service, friendly repair technicians and no-surprise pricing. We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back."
  • "XYZ Technology means worry-free IT support, 100% security and a partner you can trust. We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back."
  • "Ace Real Estate means your home will sell in 90 days, worry-free. We guarantee your satisfaction or we'll buy your house." (A different twist on the wording.)

Take a few minutes today to tell prospects the value of what you do -- and guarantee what you do. It's a simple way to make your marketing extraordinary. And boost your sales, too.

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