Thursday, March 7, 2013

How to Love Marketing, Sales, and Cold Calling

Do you hate marketing?

How about selling?

Or networking?

If you answered "Yes" at all, you really meant NO.

That's because what you really hate is how bad you feel when people reject you.

When it comes to building your business, "we hate the feeling that we may experience if we don't get the positive outcome that we're looking for," according to author and coach John Assaraf.

Assaraf tells of a mentor handing him a sheet of paper when he first started in real estate sales. That paper had 100 boxes on it; within each box was the figure $15.

Assaraf was told, "Every time you speak to someone when you're prospecting and they say, 'No,' you just made 15 bucks. Can you live with that?"

The rationale was this: To make a sale and earn a $1,500 commission required about 100 conversations with prospects. And it worked. Brilliantly. Assaraf says he started to associate making calls with earning $15 per conversation.

He re-framed selling so that he no longer took rejection personally. As a result, he felt better about prospecting ... he made more calls ... made more sales -- and earned a ton of money.

So, why not try this yourself and re-frame your marketing and sales?

Do this ...

1) Determine how much an average sale is worth to you. Let's say, $3,000

2) Determine how many contacts you need to make a sale. Let's say, 30 emails, conversations or other touches.

3) Divide your average sale by required contacts. So, $3,000 divided by 30 = $100. This number is how much every "No" is worth, because each "No" brings you closer to the one "Yes" you need for a sale.

4) Now, for extra motivation, create a spreadsheet with 30 boxes, each of which has $100 inside. Print it, check off a box every time you hear "No" ... and see what happens.

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