Friday, April 19, 2013

How to Make Selling Unnecessary (Food for Thought)

Peter Drucker said, "The aim of marketing is to make selling unnecessary."

In that light, anything you do to solve your clients' problems and make them happy is marketing. Because doing so makes it more likely that your clients will either buy from you again or refer others to you. In either case -- a repeat sale or referral -- selling is largely unnecessary.

Case in point: My insurance agent, Marty Bothwell.

Last week, he solved a problem with a device I had installed on my car. He took the time and effort to call me, apologize for the problem, and get the vendor to fix it.

Good work, Marty. I'm happy about that.

But then he invested more time and expense in sending me a handwritten note of thanks for my patience ... with two $10 restaurant gift cards enclosed.

Fantastic work, Marty. I'm delighted about that.

As a result I'm telling everyone I know -- starting here, on my blog, and continuing on to every conversation I have in the coming weeks whenever insurance pops up.

Marty is going to get repeat business and referrals from me. And no selling is necessary for him. Because he's such a smart marketer.

Food for thought, eh? (Literally -- I'm off to Green Mill for lunch, on Marty :-)

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