Friday, June 7, 2013

3 Ways to Get a Bunch More Sales: Part Three

Here's the third and final in a series of postings to help you grow your business faster.

To recap, we're talking about 3 ways to get a bunch more sales:
  1. attract more prospects,
  2. convert more of them to clients, and
  3. sell more to them
Today, I'll help you with part three: How to sell more to the clients you have. Try these 3 things ...

1) Raise your rates
When sales are down, the first instinct for many business owners is to lower their prices.

You, too? The temptation is strong. Resist it. Better: Do the opposite -- raise your rates when sales are slow.

Here are two quick ways to charge more:

1. Raise your level of service along with your prices. What can you add to your current offerings, to justify a higher price? More time with you on the phone or in person? Expanded options?

2. Go after clients who can pay more. Got clients who are penny-pinchers? Dump them. People who can afford to pay more are also easier to work with, by and large. Bargain shoppers can nibble you to death with endless questions and complaints, in my experience (yours too?).

In most cases, higher prices are more of a barrier in your mind than in the client's. But, as with all new ideas, test higher prices on a small scale before rolling out big.

2) Show appreciation
When you show your clients how much you appreciate them, they will return the favor with increased loyalty, repeat sales, and referrals, to name but 3 ways.

How can you do it?
  •     Write and mail thank-you notes
  •     Hold a free client appreciation event, at a restaurant or JV partner's location
  •     Send Thanksgiving cards (everyone sends Christmas cards -- they mean nothing)
  •     Mail a monthly "client's only" newsletter
In a world that craves appreciation, there's room in your industry for a new success story. All you need do is show clients how much you care.

3) Train people to send you referrals
First, find out which clients are sending you the most referrals

Then, find out exactly what they say when recommending your business to others. Yes, that means you pick up the phone, call them, and ask.

Then what? Capture and clone their words. That means you write a short script based on what your top-referring clients are saying when they recommend your business to others.

This is worth repeating: Write a referral script using the words your clients say about you -- NOT what you think they say or think they ought to say. Stick to reality.

Then, train your other clients to use that same, proven script. In your post-sale letters, emails, and conversations with clients, tell them ...
Do you like us? Please tell your friends! Here's what to say: "I found this bank where the loan officer actually knows my name and understands my business. And she gave me some great tips on marketing to help build my business, too. You should call Suzy Smith and tell her I sent you."
If your clients are already referring you, find out what they're saying, and train the rest of your clients to say the same thing.

If your clients are NOT referring you, you have bigger issues to deal with to fix that situation ...

That's all for this week. I hope you've found this 3-part series helpful in growing your business.

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