Tuesday, June 18, 2013

More with Less is More

Many of the most game-changing, profitable innovations in business involve doing more with less. A removal of something. Addition by subtraction.

Examples: less time (Domino's Pizza), less hassle (Google), less money (Wal-Mart), less frustration (FedEx), etc.

When you can remove unwanted things, and make life simpler and easier for people, they will reward you by becoming your customers.

The classic example is anything from Apple vs. anything from Microsoft. 

Think of Apple Pages vs. Microsoft Word ... an iPod vs. a Zune ... a MacBook vs. a Windows laptop ... you get the idea. With an Apple product, you push the button and it works. With Microsoft, you must find the button, then push it, then download a driver, then scan for viruses, then ... wait, what was I doing?

So, the next time you're tempted to "innovate" and create a new, whiz-bang product or service with all the bells and whistles, stop. Think less. It could be worth more to you. A lot more. 

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