Tuesday, June 25, 2013

71% of Your Customers Expect More Value. Now What?

As a business owner or entrepreneur today, you face some tough challenges.

According to “Small Businesses: Then & Now” by Constant Contact, 59% of small businesses surveyed say that it's harder to run a small business today than it was five years ago.

Customer acquisition and retention are big problems -- of the small businesses surveyed, 75% cited "finding new customers" and 58% said "retaining customers" were primary concerns.

According to Direct Marketing News, 63% of small businesses think their customers have higher expectations than 5 years ago. And among those small business owners, 71% think their customers expect more value.

So. If 71% of your customers or clients expect more value, here's an idea: GIVE IT TO THEM.

You can add value without cutting prices by offering your clients any of these:
  • extra information to help buyers use the product/service
  • faster delivery
  • more customization
  • easy payments
  • little surprises (like a thank-you note)
  • rapid response to questions.
Bottom line: Yes, business is tough. You can whine about it, or do something about it.

If you play the low-price game and lose to Wal-Mart and Amazon, without first making every effort to deliver more value to your customers or clients, you deserve to lose. Sorry.

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