Tuesday, July 30, 2013

10x Bigger or 2x Bigger?

Chances are, if I have a great idea, it's somebody else's :-)

Among my mentors, idols, and teachers in business are Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Brian Tracy, and Dan Sullivan.

That last name might not be familiar to you, but Dan's a legend when it comes to coaching entrepreneurs. He may have been the very first to do so, some 30 years ago.

For two years, I got on a plane every 90 days and flew to Toronto to be coached by one of Dan's Strategic Coaches. Frequently, Dan would drop in and share some of his latest thinking with us.

What does this have to do with you?

Well, with July winding down, you may be making strategic plans for August, the rest of Q3, and the years beyond.

(If you're not, you should be!)

With that in mind, I thought, what better way to make strategic plans than with the guidance of The Strategic Coach, Dan Sullivan?

So, here's a great little video to introduce you to Dan's thinking.

It's called, Why Growing 10x Is Easier Than Growing 2x.

Please note: I make NO money from this recommendation. Dan doesn't even know I'm doing this. But I know you'll find it helpful. You'll probably want to watch it several times. So I'm happy to share it with you.


After watching the short 3-minute video above, you want to exchange ideas to build your business by 10x -- and IF your revenue currently exceeds $200,000 per year -- let's talk.

Background: I've helped explode sales by writing direct-mail sales letters for
  • a 21-store retail chain ... 
  • a carpet cleaner ... 
  • an insurance agent ... 
  • a travel agent ... 
  • a commercial cleaning company ... 
  • a real estate investor ... 
  • and too many others to list here

You can learn more about what I do -- and see if you qualify for a FREE copy of my book, 21 Quick Ways to Get More Clients, here.

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